Deep Hair Conditioner: Your Questions, Answered

We often talk about the importance of deep hair conditioner to keep hair in the best condition. Maybe you are a regular user of deep hair conditioners (well done!) and have some questions. 

Or, perhaps you are new to the joys of deep conditioning and curious about what a deep hair conditioner can do for your hair. 

Whatever questions you have about deep hair conditioners, we’ve compiled a list of questions and answers to give you the heads up.

What is a Deep Hair Conditioner?

It may seem like an obvious question. 

However, knowing the difference between a conditioner and a deep conditioner helps when caring for hair.

Conditioners have two jobs to do, add moisture to the hair and smooth the cuticle. 

deep conditioner for hair is more concentrated, giving hair an intensive treatment for a smooth, shiny finish.

Shiny hair is a regular topic on our blogs. What we can tell you is that using a deep conditioner as part of your weekly routine is the best way of adding shine to your hair.

Here’s why.

Hair is shiny when the cuticle is smooth. The cuticle is the outer layer of your hair. 

It’s made of tiny scales, and when the scales lift, the hair becomes dry, rough and prone to breakage. 

This texture leaves the hair looking dull. 

Step forward the deep conditioner. 

By smoothing the cuticle, the deep conditioner helps the tiny scales to lay flat. Light bounces off the smooth surface, leaving the hair shiny.

Split ends are the scourge of shiny hair. Want to know how to get rid of split ends? We’ve written a blog on the subject. Click on the link below to discover more.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends and Prevent their ReturnWhat are Split End?What is the Best Deep Conditioner?

Choosing the best deep conditioner for your hair can be tricky. 

With over 35 years in the salon business, we’ve worked with plenty of hair products.

In our experience, the best hair care products are those that feed moisture into the hair over time. 

Quick fixes are not always what they promise and, in our experience, hair needs moisture on a regular basis, little and often.

Look out for ingredients that will nourish the hair. We’ve listed some of our favourites below:

  • Pro-vitamin B5 targets damaged hair to reduce split ends, leaving hair smoother and shinier
  • Glycerin attracts moisture to the hair. This is important as it also prevents moisture loss, helping to prevent frizzy hair
  • Cetearyl Alcohol is a natural fat that conditions hair, smoothing the cuticle for maximum hair shine
  • Avocado is a powerhouse ingredient containing vitamins A, D and E to restore health and shine to the hair
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E), smooths and nourishes the hair.

We’ve combined these ingredients into our award-winning deep conditioner Restore and Shine Hair Masque (it does what it says on the jar!). 

If you’ve yet to try it, your hair and your senses are in for a treat. 

Not only does it leave you with smooth, shiny hair but it also smells divine. 

Fragranced with lemon, lime and may chang essential oils, close your eyes and let it transport you to luxury spas and exotic climes from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Give hair a cuticle-smoothing boost with a deep conditioning treatment. For maximum hair shine, treat hair once a week every week.

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What can I use as a Deep Conditioner?

Thinking about raiding your kitchen store cupboard to create a hair conditioning treatment? 

Think again. 

Olive oil is a popular choice for a DIY hair masks.

However, a product used for cooking or salad dressings is not necesarily good for your hair. 

Essentially, the molecules of olive oil are too big to penetrate the hair and the olive oil from your cupboard will sit on your hair, leaving a heavy residue.

If you leave olive oil on your hair, it will simply sit on your hair, making it greasy and attracting dirt. 

Worse, when you wash your hair, you may find you have to wash it several times to get the oil out of your hair. 

This defeats the object of doing the treatment in the first place.

We use olive leaf extract in our deep conditioner, Restore and Shine Hair Masque. This formulation is carefully developed to deliver the benefits of olive leaf without any residue. 

If you want a truly effective deep treatment, use a product that is formulated and rigorously tested to do the job of a deep conditioning. 

Does a Deep Conditioner really work?

Yes, deep conditioners do work but as with many hair products, not all deep conditioning treatments are equal. 

If your deep conditioner is not working for you, click on the link below and you’ll find our tips for using a deep conditioning treatment by hair type. 

All hair types can benefit from a deep conditioner; from fine to colour-treated to curly and afro hair to dry or damaged hair we share our salon know how on getting the best from your deep conditioner.

Salon Know How: Why use a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask?

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Do you shampoo after Deep Conditioning?

Are you using an oil-based deep conditioner? They are applied to dry hair and then washed out using shampoo.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions.

For best results, a water-based deep conditioner such as Restore and Shine should be applied to clean, damp hair.

Therefore we recommend you shampoo your hair, rinse and towel out excess water before application.

Once you’re ready to finish the treatment, the hair can be rinsed using warm water and dried and styled as normal.

There’s no need to shampoo the hair again.

How Long does it take to Deep Condition Hair?

The answer to this question is that it depends. It depends on your hair. We’ve written some guidelines for Restore and Shine Hair Mask, which you can find below. 

If you are using another deep conditioner, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Fine, dry hair – a maximum of 2 hours
  • Coarse, dry hair – anything from 2 hours to overnight.
  • Grey, dry hair- hair tends to be finer as we age. Unless your hair is very coarse, we recommend no more than 2 hours.
  • Dry, curly hair – if your hair is curly and thick overnight will be fine. For fine curls, we recommend a couple of hours.
  • Dry, colour treated hair -overnight if your hair is thick/coarse. Otherwise, anything from 2 to 4 hours. Try a plastic cap to add heat intensity to the treatment.

How do you Deep Condition Hair?

Using a deep conditioner is very similar to using a conditioner. Follow the steps below to get the most from your deep conditioner.

  1. Shampoo and rinse your hair. Water-based deep conditioner such as Restore and Shine Hair Masque works better on clean hair.
  2. Towel out the water. Once rinsed, it’s time to get rid of the excess water. Too wet, the product can slip off the hair, sending your deep conditioner down the drain. Hair should be damp, not dripping wet. Be gentle with wet hair. Because hair is most fragile when wet, the best way to get rid of excess water is to gently squeeze out the water. Avoid rubbing the hair.
  3. Warm up the deep conditioner in your palms. Working up the deep conditioner in your hands warms and softens the product. That means when applying the deep conditioner to the hair, it’s easier to spread. That avoids overloading one area of the hair.
  4. Concentrate on the ends and mid-lengths. The only exception to this is thick, coarse or curly hair. You know your hair, and if it can take a product at the roots, by all means, work the product up to the roots.
  5. Once you’ve applied the deep conditioner, it’s up to you how long you leave it on your hair. You can follow our guidelines on timing above. Having said that, if you are using another manufacturer’s deep conditioner, check their instructions first.
  6. The final step? Rinse the deep conditioner out of your hair. Style as normal and enjoy your silky, shiny locks.

How often should I Deep Condition my Damaged Hair?

For damaged hair, we recommend a treatment with Restore and Shine Hair Mask. Use twice a week for the first two weeks. After that, use it once a week, every week.

We’ve written a piece on how to fix damaged hair. Click on the link below to discover more.

Salon Know How: How to Repair Damaged Hair

How to repair or fix dry damaged hair

Can any Conditioner be used as a Deep Conditioner?

Conditioners are for use after every shampoo. However, deep conditioners are developed for use once a week. The thing about conditioners is that they don’t replace a deep conditioning treatment.

However, you can get more from your conditioner if you follow the tips below.

  1. After shampooing and rinsing the hair, gently squeeze out the excess water.
  2. Applying conditioner to hair that is damp, not dripping wet, works best.
  3. Work the conditioner up in your palms, so get an even application on the ends and mid-lengths.
  4. Make rinsing your hair the last thing you do before getting out of the shower. That way, it gets a bit longer to nourish the hair.

If you condition your hair every time you shampoo, you might wonder why you need to use a deep conditioner. 

It’s a good question, and the answer lay in all the environmental factors that your hair has to deal with; from pollution in urban areas to heated styling, colour treatments, sun and wind, they all take their toll. 

When you factor in over-brushing (yes, some of us are guilty of that!) or just the amount of times we touch our hair during the day, all of these things can cause the cuticle to lift and the hair to become dry. 

That’s why a deep conditioner is so important. It gives your hair the extra moisture boost to combat those environmental factors.

What Home Remedy can I use to Deep Condition my Hair?

From eggs and lemon juice to avocado and olive oil, you’ll see plenty of suggestions for home hair remedies. 

Most of them are not very effective as they can’t penetrate the cuticle to get moisture right to the hair’s core. 

They may give a temporary fix of smoothing the cuticle. But that’s not enough. In the end, hair needs moisture. 

Pro vitamin b5 has been clinically proven to penetrate the cuticle, getting moisture right to the core of the hair. 

It’s a cornerstone ingredient in our Restore and Shine Hair Masque.

If you are going to use a deep conditioner at home, choose one that has been properly formulated to deliver moisture to the hair every time you use it. 

How can I Moisturise my Hair without Oil?

Choose a water-based deep conditioner like Restore and Shine Hair Masque. 

This moisturising hair mask is packed with ingredients that will get moisture right to your hair’s core whilst smoothing the cuticle for super shine and helping the hair to retain moisture. 

We’ve got plenty of tips about adding moisture to hair without oil in our blog on choosing a moisturising hair mask

If you want to say, ‘No’ to dry hair, discover more on the link below.

Moisturising Hair Mask: Say No to Dry Hair

Moisturising Hair Mask; Say No to Dry Hair

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