Add Volume to Hair On-The-Go: 3 Easy Steps

Looking to add volume to hair on-the-go? For those of us with fine hair, we’ve all been there. You start the day with perfectly plumped up locks and by lunchtime, your hair has fallen flat. Aghhh! With this simple hair hack, you can add volume to hair in seconds. You’ll be ready for that important meeting, the lunch date with friends, drinks after work or just getting on with your day knowing that your hair looks the business. Simply add a tail comb and Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume to your handbag essentials and try this little hair hack.

How to Add Volume to Hair On-The-Go: 3 Easy Steps


Step 1  Backcomb Hair with your Tail Comb

We love this salon classic. Why? Because the comb end is perfect for backcombing fine hair whilst the tail end is handy for teasing hair gently into place. Backcombing to add volume to hair is all about focusing on the underneath of the hair. Unless of course, you are going for full 80s Bananarama style; in which case go for it!

If you are simply looking to add a decent amount of volume to your hair, use the fine-tooth end of the tail comb for added body. As mentioned above, when backcombing focus on the hair underneath. Then use your hands to position the rest of the hair on top. Two things to remember when backcombing. Firstly, stay half an inch away from the roots. Secondly create the lift gently, making sure you are not putting too much tension on the hair.

Step 2  Create Texture with your Fingers

So here’s the thing about Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume. First up the bottle may look small; it fits in your handbag after all. However, it packs a big punch. So you don’t need to use a great deal. Secondly, it’s versatile. That means you can use it on damp hair in preparation for styling before you blow dry your hair but you can also use it to create texture in dry hair. Remember, the texture is what you are creating when you backcomb the hair so adding volume to hair is all about creating texture.

Start by giving the bottle a gentle shake. Spritz a couple of pumps of the Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume onto your fingers. Then place your fingers on your hair and use them to create texture in your hair and leave for a minute to settle.

Step 3  Gently Lift the Hair into Place using the Tail End of the Tail Comb

This is where the tail end of the tail comb comes into play. Use the tail end of the tail comb to gently lift the hair into place. If required, give the hair a final spritz of the Styling Mist and Natural Hold and Volume. You can simply spritz above the head letting the mist gently fall on to your hair to hold it in place.

So there you have it; 3 simple steps for adding volume to hair.

Keep the following tips in mind to give you the best results when adding volume to hair to dry hair.

  1. Always backcomb hair underneath so that it lifts the hair on top.
  2. Spraying styling products directly on to your fingers and applying to dry hair is a great technique for getting texture in the hair.
  3. Less is more. Use styling products sparingly to avoid overloading the hair, particularly if the hair is fine.
  4. Be gentle when backcombing and stay away from the roots.
  5. The tail end of the tail comb is a great hair styling tool for teasing hair into place.

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