Get the Look: How To Style Tousled Hair

Tousled hair is a great way to let your hair’s natural beauty shine through this autumn.  Otherwise, known as bed head hair this effortless look is kind to the hair too! There is a lot to love about this textured hairstyle and actually it’s a look for all seasons.

We’ve recently written about getting your hair back into great condition after the summer. As we know, the sun can be drying for hair leaving it dry and frazzled. Amongst other things, we recommend reducing heated styling to help get your hair back into shape. We know that’s not always easy so we wanted to share this Style How-To to offer some inspiration for styles that don’t require you to get hot under the hairdryer.

The tousled look is a simple style to create, making it a great style choice if you have busy mornings and you’re in a rush to get out of the house.

So put your hairdryer on a cool setting and get ready to style tousled hair in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 – Wash and Condition your Hair

  • Wash your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type to encourage maximum shine.
  • For the model, we used the Ogario London Hydrate and Shine range. Hydrate and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner are suitable for hair that’s dry, thicker and coarser. If you have fine or normal hair, we recommend our Revive and Shine range.
  • After conditioning and rinsing the hair, towel-dry to remove excess water. It’s a good technique when you dry the hair with a towel to gently squeeze out the water. Rubbing the hair too vigorously can cause breakage. After towel drying the hair should be damp but not dripping wet.

Step 2 – Prep with a Styling Product

  • Now you are ready to get hair prepped with a styling product. Leave in conditioners are a great option for styling this kind of look. We prefer to use leave in conditioners for styling as they give hair a natural finish. That makes them perfect for the tousled look which is all about movement and texture. Remember you are going for bed head. Hair shouldn’t look too done.
  • Apply 2 to 3 spritzes of our Styling Mist for Natural Hold and a Glossy Finish to your hair. This leave in conditioner will provide definition without weighing the hair down. Plus it speeds up drying time, making this style even quicker and easier.
  • We used the Glossy Mist on the model but if you have fine hair you can add extra volume to this look with our Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume
  • If you are working with other products, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3 – Rough Dry Hair with Head Upside Down

  • Now hair is washed and prepped and ready to style.
  • Turn your head upside down (this creates lift) and semi-dry your hair with a hairdryer on a cool setting, using your fingers to lift and manipulate the hair as you dry it.
  • Using fingers to manipulate the hair instead of a brush helps to create a more natural, textured finish.

Step 4 – Finish Blow Drying Hair Before its Fully Dry

  • When hair is semi-dry, flip your head back and finish blow-drying, still using your fingers to push hair into place.
  • Finish blow-drying your hair before it’s fully dry and leave it to dry naturally. This is important. Over drying the hair can make it fly-away. Whilst you want hair to look textured, fly-aways will spoil the look.

So there you have it; tousled hair.

We reckon this look takes a maximum of 5 minutes to style. So it’s not just a hair saver its also a time saver, giving you back much needed time in the mornings, whilst giving your hair a break from excessive heat. It’s a win-win!

Salon Know How: Top Tips

If we have one piece of advice when styling hair, it’s that less is more. It’s a good rule to follow with your hair and here’s what we mean:

  • Use less product. When using styling products, use a little. Overdo it and you risk the hair becoming difficult to work with.
  • Dry your hair for less time. In our experience, most of us overdry the hair. It’s not necessary to get the hair completely dry when you are working with a hairdryer. When hair is too dry, it loses its flexibility.
  • Don’t overwork the hair.  The hair can become flat if you overdo it. This is particularly true for a tousled, textured hairstyle.

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About Us

Ogario London is a salon developed, natural hair care range. As a niche brand, we are passionate about our products and delivering the best results is at the heart of what we do. If you have any questions about our products, would like advice on the best products for your hair type, or have another question about how to look after your hair, please get in touch at

Shop the Look

Our model has dry, thick hair that has been colour-treated. So before styling, we wanted to get the hair well hydrated. This is important to ensure the hair has plenty of flexibility when styling, particularly for this type of tousled look. If the hair is too dry it can be difficult to get movement.

We added moisture to the hair with Hydrate and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. For styling, we used the Glossy Mist.

Hydrate and Shine Shampoo; Prep Dry Hair for Styling
Hydrate and Shine Shampoo contains Honey to leave dry hair supple and ready to style.
OGARIO Hydrate and Shine Natural Conditioner; Prep Dry Hair for Styling
Hydrate and Shine Conditioner softens and smooths dry hair, leaving it ready to style.
OGARIO Styling Mist for Glossy Finish; Prep Dry Hair for Styling
Styling Mist for Glossy Finish contains Sugar Beet, helping hair to retain moisture and hold the style for longer.









For fine hair and normal hair, we recommend the following products.

OGARIO Revive and Shine Shampoo for all hair types; prep fine hair for styling, adds volume
We recommend Revive and Shine Shampoo for fine and normal hair types.
OGARIO Revive and Shine Conditioner for all hair types; prep fine hair for styling, detangler
We recommend Revive and Shine Conditioner to boost body and detangle fine and normal hair types.
Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume; Prep hair for styling
For added volume, try Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume. It’s nourishing ingredients condition hair whilst adding volume and texture.
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