Moisturising Hair Mask: Say NO to Dry Hair

Moisturising Hair Mask

What is a Moisturising Hair Mask?

Why use a Moisturising Hair Mask?

Can you put a Hair Mask on Dry Hair?

How can I Hydrate my Hair?

Which Hair Mask is Best for Dry Hair?

Is Hair Mask better than Conditioner?

How often should you use a Moisturising Hair Mask?

How much Moisturising Hair Mask should I use?

How would you describe the condition of your hair?

Are you happy with it?

If I could grant you one wish to improve your hair’s condition, what would that be?

How about adding volume, showing off shinier, healthier hair, ditching dry ends, making it easier to style or preventing breakage?

If you’ve ever wished for those things, your hair is shouting for a moisturising hair mask.

In this blog, I’ll answer questions such as, ‘what is a moisturising hair mask?’. Plus, I’ll talk about why you should be using a moisturising hair mask and answer to questions about how often and how much.

I’ll share the benefits of a moisturising hair mask.

Working with hair for over 35 years, I know the benefits of hair masks. They are vital to getting hair in the best condition.

I write a lot about all hair types, and dry hair comes up a lot. That’s because most people get dry hair at some point.

I try to make my blogs as relevant as possible, and for this article, I’ll focus on the questions I’ve received from clients over the years.

I’ll start with these two questions. What is a moisturising hair mask, and why should I use one?

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Smiling female model with curly, shiny hair after using moisturising hair mask

What is a Moisturising Hair Mask?

Hair masks are all about deep conditioning. As a result, moisturising hair masks are more concentrated than conditioners.

For instance, hair treatment Restore and Shine Hair Masque contains ingredients you will also find in our conditioners. Those ingredients have the job of getting moisture to the hair’s core. They help hair retain moisture and smooth the cuticle to prevent moisture loss.

However, the vital point here is that whilst these moisturising and smoothing ingredients are in my conditioners, they are more concentrated in my hair mask formulation and provide more intensive treatment for your hair.

The ingredients are listed below. You can see what role each of them plays. 

  1. Pro-vitamin b5
    • Pro-vitamin b5 is a cornerstone ingredient for my hair product range. Everyone one of my hair care products contains pro-vitamin b5. Because pro-vitamin b5 is small enough to penetrate the cuticle, it can get moisture right to the hair’s core.
  1. Glycerin
    • Glycerin is the perfect partner for pro-vitamin b5 as it helps the hair retain moisture for deep conditioning. That means pro-vitamin b5 benefits last for longer.
  1. Cetearyl Alcohol
    • Cetearyl Alcohol is a natural fatty alcohol that smooths the cuticle to lock in moisture. Cetearyl alcohol, in its raw form, has a soft, creamy texture. Found in high-end skin care to soften the skin, don’t confuse it with sensitising alcohol. Cetearyl Alcohol is safe to use on sensitive skin.

So, what does this mean for your hair? The moisturising hair mask complements your conditioner. Maintain moisture in your hair by using a conditioner every time you shampoo. The deep conditioning hair mask gives hair an extra moisture boost when used once a week.

Delve deep into the causes of damaged hair and discover how you can repair damaged hair in my blog on the subject. Discover how to recognise damaged hair and when to take action with my six signs of damaged hair.

Why use a Moisturising Hair Mask?

Hair needs an extra moisture boost.

Here’s why.

We put our hair through a lot. Hair and skin are affected by the weather, central heating or air-conditioning. All of these elements can leave our hair and skin dry. As a result, we moisturise our skin and condition our hair. 

However, if we compare our hair to our skin, our hair has a few more challenges. 

In contrast to our skin, our hair takes the brunt of the conditions that make it dry; those conditions might be colour treatments or heated styling.

A routine of washing and conditioning is vital for keeping your hair hydrated.

However, sometimes it’s not enough. Step forward the deep conditioner, otherwise known as a moisturising hair mask.

Ok, we’ve talked about what it is and why you should use it. Below, I’ll focus on some of the questions I’m often asked about moisturising hair masks.

Can you put a Hair Mask on Dry Hair?

It depends. If you are using an oil-based hair mask, the norm is to use them on dry hair.

For a water-based hair mask such as our hair conditioning treatment Restore and Shine Hair Masque, you should use it on damp hair. 

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Shampoo and rinse hair as normal.
  2. Gently blot out the water from your hair with a towel.
  3. Apply the hair mask on damp but not dripping wet hair.
  4. Leave the hair mask for as long as recommended (check manufacturer’s instructions), rinse, towel dry and style as normal.


If you are using Restore and Shine Hair Masque and you want to add moisture in between washes, here’s what I recommend.

Take a small amount of Restore and Shine Hair Masque and mix it with a small amount of water. 

Smooth the hair mask mix into the ends and mid-lengths of the hair.

Then leave until you next wash your hair. 

This approach works well on curly hair or for anyone who wants to stop frizzy hair.

How can I Hydrate my Hair?

In my experience, when the hair needs help to improve its condition, the answer is hydration. 

For instance, hydration helps fine hair have more body, dry hair becomes shinier, and when it retains moisture, hair is less prone to breakage and moisture prevents split ends.

The answer to this question is simply this.


Getting into a routine of adding moisture to hair is the most effective way of adding moisture. Here’s what I recommend.

  • Always apply conditioner to hair after shampooing. Conditioners add moisture to the hair and seal the cuticle. That means that conditioners can help your hair can retain moisture.
  • Getting into a routine with regular cleansing and conditioning adds moisture. I’m often asked if washing hair too much makes it dry. The answer is simply this. No, not necessarily. Always choose a gentle shampoo that adds moisture. Harsh shampoo can leave hair dry. So choosing a gentle and moisturising product is vital. Always follow cleansing with conditioner. A general guide for washing and conditioning hair is 2 to 3 times a week. Remember, you are not just washing your hair, you are conditioning it to add moisture, and hair needs a routine of regular moisture.
  • Do what works for your hair. So, I recommend shampooing and conditioning most hair types 2 to 3 times a week. However, there are always exceptions. For instance, if you have fine hair with an oily scalp, you may find your hair looks and feels its best when you wash and condition it every day. If you have dense, coily hair, such as afro hair, washing it once a week or every two weeks can be enough. I recommend you look at what’s going on with your hair. See how it responds and build a routine around it.

What you eat has an impact on the health of your hair. To grow healthy, strong hair, choose the best foods and drink plenty of water.

How do I Fix Dry, Frizzy Hair?

Frizz can mess up an otherwise fabulous hairdo! If you have frizzy hair, you are not alone.

When hair is dry, the cuticle lifts and the whole process of getting moisture to the hair’s core and retaining moisture becomes disrupted.

Hair seeks out moisture from the atmosphere, and frizz occurs.

The moisturising hair mask is a vital part of taming frizz and preventing it in the first place. 

In contrast to your conditioner, the moisturising hair mask is more concentrated, so it combats all the extra stuff we put our hair through.

A good quality moisturising hair mask should:

  1. Get moisture to the core of the hair.
  2. Seal and smooth the cuticle to help the hair retain moisture.

After using a moisturising hair mask, your hair should feel silky smooth. If you don’t feel you are getting enough from your moisturising hair mask, get some inspiration from our blog, Salon Know-How: Why use a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask? 

Find my tips on how to apply a hair conditioning mask by hair type.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask – Essential Hair Care


Which Hair Mask is Best for Dry Hair?

I’ve worked with a lot of hair, and Restore and Shine Hair Masque is the best hair mask for dry hair I’ve ever used.

It adds moisture to even fine, dry hair without any residue. 

Can you Leave a Hair Mask on Too Long?

It depends on the product. Always check the label and follow instructions.

If you are using Restore and Shine Hair Masque, I recommend leaving it on for a minimum of 10 minutes but for longer if you feel your hair needs it.

The wonderful thing about Restore and Shine Hair Masque is that you can multitask while letting it work its magic! If you leave it on for several hours or overnight, that’s fine. 

The longer, the better. You rinse it out of your hair and dry it as normal. There’s no need to shampoo it out.

I’ve given some recommendations below for timings for maximum hair shine with Restore and Shine Hair Masque based on hair type:

  • Fine, dry hair – a maximum of 2 hours
  • Coarse, dry hair – leave from 2 hours to overnight.
  • Grey, dry hair- hair tends to be finer as we age, so unless your hair is very coarse, I recommend no more than 2 hours.
  • Dry, curly hair – if you have thick, curly hair, you can leave it on overnight. For fine, curly hair, I recommend a couple of hours.
  • Dry, colour-treated hair -overnight if your hair is thick/coarse. Otherwise, anything from 2 to 4 hours. Try a plastic cap to add heat intensity to the treatment.

Is Hair Mask better than Conditioner?

Not better, more concentrated. Your conditioner should work in partnership with your shampoo. Its job is to add moisture and seal the cuticle. 

Because the moisturising hair mask is an intensive treatment, it combats the damage from heated styling or exposure to environmental factors such as the weather, colour treatments or other damage.

In addition to the ingredients I wrote about earlier, it contains one of my favourite ingredients for dry hair; avocado. You can discover more about the benefits of an avocado hair mask in my blog.

Avocado Hair Mask Benefits : Deep Conditioner

How often should you use a Moisturising Hair Mask?

I often get questions about how frequently you should use a hair mask. As a general rule, I’d say every week. 

However, if you have particularly dry or damaged hair, I recommend using it twice a week for the first two weeks and then revert to once a week after that. 

I believe that looking after your hair is about routine. Get the routine right for your hair, stick to it, and you’ll find your hair condition improves over time.

How much Moisturising Hair Mask should I use?

As for how much you should use, it depends on the product. Because my hair products are concentrated, I say less is more. 

For instance, most people will find around 10ml of product is about right. 

However, if you find it’s too much for your hair, use less the next time. Conversely, if you find it’s not enough, apply a little more. 

I recommend layering a small amount of product at a time. Application is everything. I recommend towel-drying your hair after washing (remember squeeze, don’t rub!), taking a little of the mask and rubbing it between your palms before use. 

That helps warm the product up to spread easily in the hair. 

Don’t apply all at once. Apply in layers to the ends and mid-lengths of the hair.

I believe that the moisturising hair mask is a haircare essential, and I hope I’ve inspired you to say NO to Dry Hair!

About the Author

Norris Ogario is founder and Creative Director of Ogario London. Developed in his London salon, the Ogario London haircare products reflect his belief that hydration is the key to fixing most hair problems. You can style hydrated hair with ease. Plus, hydration leaves hair shiny and healthy. Norris has over 35 years of hair know-how. With expertise in all hair types; from dry hair to fine or grey hair, from frizzy to damaged or bleached hair, curly hair and afro hair, Norris offers his advice.

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Here’s what Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey had to say,

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