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How To Get Shiny Hair | Expert Tips

Working out how to get shiny hair can seem like an impossible task. Do you lust after the lustrous locks of celebrities? Have you found the promise of quick hair-shine-enhancing treatments lacking? Based on over 35 years of salon experience, I can tell you that quick fixes claiming to leave your hair glossy and shiny may be tempting, but often, they leave hair feeling drier and more lacklustre.

The truth is, for hair to be shiny, it must have moisture. If hair is dry, a shine spray or serum might give you a temporary gloss, but it won’t tackle the root cause of the problem. If you want shiny hair, it is time to get serious about moisture. 

I developed my exclusive deep conditioning treatment, Restore and Shine Hair Masque, to deliver moisture to the hair’s core, giving you long-lasting shine. Putting my shiny hair treatment at the heart of your hair care routine will help you balance your hair’s moisture levels and seal the hair’s outer layer to help your hair retain moisture for longer, leaving you with the shiny, smooth hair you’ve always wanted.

In this blog, you’ll discover my exclusive tips for how to get shiny hair.

Keep reading to get your shine on and discover why Restore and Shine Hair Masque is the ultimate Shiny Hair Treatment.

Shiny Hair | Overview

Healthy Long Hair

I know from experience the hair’s moisture level is the difference between dull, damaged hair and shiny, smooth hair. Hair is shiny when the cuticle, the hair’s outer layer, is smooth. Light bounces off the smooth surface of the hair, leaving it looking shiny.

The hair’s surface is disrupted when it’s dry.

The cuticle comprises tiny scales, and when hair becomes dry, the scales lift. The lifting disrupts the smooth surface of the hair; that’s when hair can start to look dull and lose its shine. Look at the difference between the two images below.

On the left is an example of how the hair looks when it has moisture and the outer layer has been smoothed and sealed by deep conditioning. That sealed outer layer protects the hair from moisture loss and leaves the hair looking and feeling smooth. On the right, the cuticle scales are open and have a rough texture because the hair is dry. In that damaged state, the hair is susceptible to further damage and water loss.

What is Frizzy Hair?
Frizzy hair occurs when the cuticle is lifted and cannot retain moisture. Hair absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and this changes the pattern of the hair, resulting in frizz and loss of shine.

How to Get Shiny Hair | 8 Tips for Shiny Hair

Curly Hair Density

I’ve discussed how vital moisture is to leave hair shiny and smooth; this section is about how to maximise moisture. I’ll share practical advice that you can easily follow at home. My moisture-boosting tips will help you get your shiniest hair.

1. Deep Condition for Shine

Jar of Restore and Shine Hair Masque open
Deep Conditioner Hair Mask, Restore and Shine

Think of deep conditioning as the foundation of your hair care routine. Hair, just like our skin, craves regular moisture. Putting a deep conditioner at the heart of your hair care routine is one of the best ways of ensuring your hair gets enough moisture to shine brightly. 

It has the same job as a conditioner but is more intense. Hence the name, deep conditioner.

Getting proactive with moisture means regular deep conditioning. 

Because of modern lifestyles and the amount of stuff we put our hair through, it’s vital to give hair a deep conditioning treatment once a week, every week.

Deep conditioning is your best weapon in combatting dry hair and, of course, adding hair shine.

2. The Importance of Routine

Deep Conditioner Hair Mask, Restore and Shine

I’ve covered why deep conditioning is the foundation of a good hair care routine. I now want to emphasize the importance of routine.
Deep conditioning is not an occasional treat. I’d like you to think about the stress levels our hair has to absorb: heated styling, sun, extreme weather and chemical treatments. Even brushing and combing the hair can leave it vulnerable to damage. The way to combat all of those factors is to deep condition your hair once a week, every week; regular treatments as part of your hair care routine will help to balance moisture levels and smooth the hair to let it shine.

3. Treat your Hair like a Delicate Fabric

Hair is most vulnerable to breakage when wet.

I’ve discussed the importance of deep conditioning and routine. Along with deep conditioning and routine, how you treat your hair is a significant factor in whether the hair is shiny, or not!
I’m asking you to think about your hair as though it’s your favourite silk scarf or cashmere sweater. Chances are you wouldn’t put either in the washing machine or tumble dryer, for that matter. Hair, like cashmere and silk, loves gentle handling; avoiding excessive heat when washing and drying will help you achieve a shinier, healthier head of hair.

4. Don’t get into Hot Water

Thick Curly Hair Layers
Any kind of heat, including hot water, can leave hair feeling dry and lacking shine.

When washing your hair, make sure the water temperature is in a warm setting, not hot. Remember, heat is drying for hair, whether from the tap, central heating or your hairdryer. Rinsing in warm, not hot water is gentle and kinder to your hair.

5. The Importance of the Scalp

Shiny Hair
Any kind of heat, including hot water, can leave hair feeling dry and lacking shine.

When we think about shiny hair, it’s easy to focus on our hair, but let’s not forget the scalp; it plays a vital role in hair shine. 

The reason for this is twofold.

First up, the scalp’s job is to grow hair. The scalp comprises lots of follicles. Those follicles need to be clean and dirt-free for healthy hair growth.

Secondly, the scalp produces an oil called sebum. Sebum is responsible for adding moisture to the hair. If we overstimulate the scalp by scrubbing it too vigorously, the scalp may produce too much sebum. 

Excess sebum can leave hair dull, making hair oily at the roots and hampering shine. The oil attracts dirt from the atmosphere, making hair look dull. Excessive oil negatively impacts hair shine, and clogging up the follicles can also negatively impact healthy hair growth.

So, the answer is to apply a firm but gentle massage technique when washing hair for maximum shine. Avoid scrubbing, no rubbing, just a gentle circular massage using fingertips to cleanse the scalp.

Get more information on how to improve scalp health in my blog on scalp health. I share tips and ideas for getting your scalp in the best condition.

6. Pat out Excess Water

Long Hair Care Tips
Take care of your scalp to support healthy hair growth

When hair is wet, it’s most vulnerable to breakage; for maximum shine, the cuticle must be smooth and unbroken. When drying the hair after washing and before styling, gently squeeze excess water out of the hair with a towel. Microfibre towels are a great option for soaking up the water; they have a smooth surface, which is gentler on the hair. The most important thing is to avoid roughing up the cuticle to prevent shine-reducing damage.

7. Touch your Hair Less

Frizzy Hair: Female with blonde straight hair holding hair in hand
Touching your hair less will help to reduce dirt and dull hair.

Take some time to think about how often you touch your hair during the day.

I’m guessing more than you think.

There are the absent-minded hair twirlers, the hair putter-uppers who then take it down again (sometimes several times a day), the over-brushers and the styling perfectionists, to mention but a few.

When you think about it, it’s surprising how many times we touch our hair.

Touching our hair puts dirt in the hair. Dirt leaves hair looking dull. When we over-brush our hair or spend too much time styling it, it can lift the cuticle; without a smooth cuticle, there is no shine.

Touching our hair less frequently can help reduce dirt and damage and keep the hair looking shiny.

8. Get Proactive with Moisture

Tweak your hair care routine to get your shine on! Add a deep conditioner to your routine for your shiniest hair.

I’ve discussed the benefits of deep conditioning, the importance of a haircare routine and how you can handle your hair to avoid causing damage and maintain shine.

Now, let’s talk about other opportunities to get proactive with moisture and make your hair shiny.

Having worked in the hairdressing industry for many years, I’m a realist; I understand we will do things that will leave the hair dry. 

For example, hair styling means using a hairdryer. We know that heat is drying for hair, but the hairdryer is an essential styling tool for many of us. I’m not going to ask you to stop using your hairdryer; I’m going to ask you to think about how you can counterbalance the drying effects of the shine-reducing heat. One way to reduce heat damage is to put the hairdryer on a cooler setting; another is to reduce drying time.

That’s what I had in mind when I developed my shine-boosing styling range.

They counterbalance the drying effects of heat by adding moisture to hair during styling. Plus, they reduce drying time; you can use the hairdryer for less time.

But that’s not all. My shine-boosting hair styling products contain tiny bubbles of keratin and argan oil that target damaged hair, giving you a smooth, shiny finish.

Get Volume and Shine

Add Shine as you Style

Shiny Hair|Ingredients to Make your Hair Shine

As someone who has developed products, I am passionate about quality hair care ingredients. For the most part, we’ve discussed what you can do to get shiny hair. At this point, I’d like to talk about some of the nourishing ingredients I’ve included in my hair care range. It’s not all about individual ingredients. The formulation of a product, the combined ingredients, and the quantities used in that formulation are what counts. But I’d like to introduce the stars of the show, the ingredients that make the difference in my exclusive formulations.

Pro Vitamin B5

Clinically proven to penetrate the cuticle to add moisture, I think this is the ultimate hair care ingredient. I love it so much I include it in deep conditioning hair mask and styling products.


The perfect partner to pro vitamin B5, glycerin attracts moisture to your hair. Again, I use it in my shiny hair mask; are expertly blended with pro vitamin b5 to give the perfect moisture balance to all hair types.

Cetearyl Alcohol

If you see this ingredient in your deep conditioner, you may be alarmed. Don’t be. This alcohol is anything but damaging for hair. You’ll see it in good quality skincare and with good reason. It’s a natural fat that moisturises and conditions the skin and hair. What that means for hair is that it conditions and smooths the cuticle. Remember, we want those cuticles to be as smooth as possible for maximum shine! 


Otherwise known as Vitamin E, tocopherol is another ingredient found in good quality skincare. It smooths, has deep conditioning properties and  combats environmental damage.


This nutritional powerhouse is not just good to eat. Packed with fatty acids, it conditions and smooths the cuticle; it contains oleic acid, which helps the hair retain moisture. Essential for shine.

How to Get Shiny Hair | Take Aways

Hair Elasticity | Female with long blonde hair and fringe
  1. Deep Condition for Shine
  2. The Importance of Routine
  3. Treat your Hair like a Delicate Fabric
  4. Don’t get into Hot Water
  5. The Importance of the Scalp
  6. Pat out Excess Water
  7. Touch your Hair Less
  8. Get Proactive with Moisture

How to Get Shiny Hair | Take Action

Thick Curly Hair Blonde
Get Shiny Hair like an A lister with my shiny hair tips.

Start now with my shiny hair tips. I’m confident you’ll see a difference in your hair after two weeks.

After a month, see how many comments you get about your shiny hair.

I believe that with a good routine and by following the steps above, everyone can improve the condition and texture of their hair to maximise hair shine.

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Restore and Shine Hair Masque | Deep Conditioner

Shiny Hair | About the Author

Picture of Norris Ogario

Norris Ogario

Norris Ogario is founder and Creative Director of Ogario London. Developed in his London salon, the Ogario London haircare products reflect his belief that hydration is the key to fixing most hair problems. Hydrated hair can be styled with ease. Plus, hydration leaves hair shiny and healthy. Norris has over 35 years of hair know-how. With expertise in all hair types; from dry hair to fine or grey hair, from frizzy to damaged or bleached hair, curly hair and afro hair, Norris offers his expert advice.

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With a little bit of know how, I believe it’s within everyone’s grasp to get healthy hair. I’ve spent years working with clients in the salon and there are two concerns that come up time and time again; how to get healthy hair and how to promote hair growth.

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Beauty Bible Recommends Ogario London Hair Masque Hair Treatment

Restore and Shine Hair Masque was awarded best hair mask in the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Awards. As an independent hair care brand, we are incredibly proud to be recognised alongside some of the industry’s biggest haircare brands. Because I spend time ensuring that our products deliver the best results, I couldn’t be happier to get this review and win this prestigious award.

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