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How to Add Instant Volume to Fine Hair

Add instant volume to fine hair with simple styling techniques and just ONE styling product. @chani_lillian demonstrates how to add volume to fine hair with our award-winning Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume.

Leave in Hair Conditioner Volumiser

Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume is a multi-tasking natural styling product. Add volume, shine, seal split ends (temporarily), condition hair and get styling protection. The mist application is designed to give an even spread on the hair. Concentrated and packed with quality ingredients, this is a styling product for fine hair that leaves no residue and leaves the hair feeling like hair.

I just love this product! After suffering a lifetime of fine, flat hair I have at last found something that totally does what is says on the bottle! Fiona

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Love your Hair: Natural Hair Care Products for All Hair Types

Natural Hair Products made by Hair Experts

Ogario London is a salon developed range of hair care products. Developed by hair stylist, Norris Ogario, the range reflects Norris’s belief that with the right foundation and minimalist styling techniques, hair can be healthy, shiny and have natural movement.

Healthy, shiny hair comes from getting the right foundations in place; those foundations come from what we eat and the hair products we use.

We developed our natural hair products in our salon over a 4-year period. They are tried and tested on all hair types.

Natural ingredients such as Pro-Vitamin B5, Argan Oil and Avocado Oil add moisture to the hair. With hair strengthening properties our natural hair products leave hair healthy, shiny and make styling easier and quicker.

From gentle cleansing shampoos to our award-winning hair mask our concentrated formulas pack a big punch. We don’t stint on quality so a small amount is all you need.

Achieve better results with less product.

Get the best from your hair mask; tips and advice

Deep Conditioner: Avocado Hair Mask

Discover why this nutritious treat is a hair essential. We get deep into conditioner, sharing the benefits of avocado oil for hair. Plus, why it’s a vital ingredient in our Restore and Shine Hair Masque. Follow our tips to get the best from your hair mask.

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Leave In Hair Conditioner; Best for styling and shine

Want Lasting Shine?

Add moisture, prevent styling damage and make hair shine as you style with our hair-loving leave in conditioner sprays. Find out which of our leave in styling mists is best for your own hair and why application matters when using hair styling products.

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Are you ready to embrace grey hair?

Are you Ready to Embrace Grey Hair?

Wear your natural grey hair with confidence. We share our salon know-how on taking care of grey hair. Whether you are keeping it natural or transitioning to grey, its a question only you can answer. Are you ready to embrace grey hair?

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How to Make Hair Shiny

Are you determined to ditch dull, dry hair and embrace glossy locks? First up, here’s what you need to know about what makes hair dull:

  1. Get familiar with the structure of your hair. Our hair is made of layers and when it comes to shine, the outermost layer of hair, called the cuticle, needs to be smooth.
  2. The cuticle is made of tiny scales and it protects the inner layers of the hair where moisture is held. When the scales lay flat and the cuticle is smooth, light bounces off the hair to leave it looking shiny.
  3. If the cuticle becomes dry, the scales can lift. Pretty much everything we do to our hair from brushing to heated styling to hanging out in the sun can leave the cuticle dry and prone to damage.
  4. When the scales lift, hair becomes roughed up and dull.

Keep the Cuticle Smooth

Whether making hair shiny or taking care of hair generally, we advocate putting back what you take out.

It’s impossible to completely protect our hair from becoming dry so we believe the answer lies in prevention and adding moisture to the hair to combat the effects of all the things that make our hair dry.

There are 3 points during our hair care routine where we can make a massive difference to hair shine:

  1. After ShampooingConditioners are not just about adding moisture to dry hair. They smooth the hair cuticle. If you want your hair to shine, always follow shampoo with cuticle-smoothing conditioner.
  2. Before StylingPrevention is the key here. Adding moisture to the hair with leave in conditioner protects hair from styling damage.
  3. Deep ConditionGive hair a cuticle-smoothing boost with a deep conditioning treatment. For maximum hair shine treat hair once a week every week.

Care for Curly Hair Naturally

Curls, curls, curls! We love them. Get the lowdown on how to take care of your curls with our ultimate curly hair guide. Find out why natural hair masks are the answer to curl definition. Plus discover your curl type and follow our tips and techniques for looking after curls naturally.

The 7 Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

Are you on a mission to condition? Packed with fatty acids and vitamin E, argan oil benefits hair and scalp with its natural conditioning properties.  If you are fighting frizzy hair or tackling split ends, argan oil makes your mission possible. Plus find out why argan oil is an essential ingredient in our styling products.

Natural hair products; Best for healthy hair

What’s your Hair Telling You?

By looking at hair and feeling the texture we can tell a lot about the health of our hair. Take a look at our Healthy Hair Checklist to find out what your hair is telling you…

The Healthy Hair Checklist

  1. Healthy hair feels smooth and slippery to touch. If there is damage to the hair and the cuticle has lifted the texture will feel rough to the touch.
  2. Your hair is shiny. If the hair is feeling dull, add moisture to dry hair to regain the shine.
  3. You lose less hair. We all lose hair as part of the natural cycle of hair growth. We lose more if the hair is dry.
  4. It’s easier to style. When hair is in good condition, it’s more flexible making it quicker to style too!
  5. Less breakage. Improving elasticity of the hair is the way to tackle breakage.
  6. Natural body and movement. When hair lacks moisture, the cuticle is thinner. Add moisture to the hair to plump out the cuticle.
  7. Hair can cope with humidity. Frizzy hair is caused by dry hair seeking moisture from the atmosphere. Helping hair to retain moisture will help to reduce frizz.

Find out How to get Healthy Hair and Promote Hair Growth.

Gentle shampoos for dry scalp

Scalp Matters: Healthy Hair Growth

Having healthy hair growth means paying attention to the scalp. The scalp has a big job to do but often we don’t think about it until it becomes uncomfortable. Dry, itchy scalp is not only uncomfortable, but it also has an impact on hair growth.

Follow our tips for Good Scalp Health:

  1. Keep the scalp clean. Clean, fresh follicles that are free of build-up are optimum for hair growth and scalp health.
  2. Choose a gentle shampoo for regular cleansing. We use Pro-Vitamin B5 in our shampoos as it adds moisture to the hair and dry scalp.
  3. Don’t overwork the scalp. Vigorous scrubbing can cause the sebaceous glands to overproduce our natural oils.
  4. Gently massage the scalp. A firm, gentle massage when you wash your hair will help with circulation and blood flow.
  5. Don’t overheat the scalp. Cleansing the scalp with lukewarm water and avoiding getting it overheated when styling will help to prevent a dry scalp.
  6. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet helps support a healthy scalp for hair growth.

We share our favourite hair-loving nutrients in our blog, Healthy Hair: Choose the Best Foods for Hair Growth.

Expert Advice: The Hair Care Blog

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