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Ogario London is a salon developed range of hair care products. Developed by hair stylist, Norris Ogario, the range reflects Norris’s belief that with the right foundation and minimalist styling techniques, hair can be healthy, shiny and have natural movement.

Healthy, shiny hair comes from getting the right foundations in place; those foundations come from what we eat and the hair products we use.

We developed our natural hair products in our salon over a 4-year period. They are tried and tested on all hair types.

Natural ingredients such as Pro-Vitamin B5, Argan Oil and Avocado Oil add moisture to the hair. With hair strengthening properties our natural hair products leave hair healthy, shiny and make styling easier and quicker.

From gentle cleansing shampoos to our award-winning hair mask our concentrated formulas pack a big punch. We don’t stint on quality so a small amount is all you need.

Achieve better results with less product.

We Recommend: Add Volume to Fine Hair

Every month we focus on solving a hair problem. This month is all about adding volume to fine hair. Not sure which products you should be using for fine hair? Take a look at our STAR PRODUCTS below and find out how they can help you put the va va volume in limp locks.

For more tips and tricks on adding volume to fine hair take a look at our guide to looking after fine hair. Or why not add instant volume to fine hair with some simple styling techniques? Take a look at our video with @chani_lillian demonstrating how to add volume to fine hair.

Supercharge your Hair Care Routine

How to Make Hair Shine

Are you determined to ditch dull, dry hair and embrace glossy locks? First up, here’s what you need to know about what makes hair dull:

  1. Get familiar with the structure of your hair. Our hair is made of layers and when it comes to shine, the outermost layer of hair, called the cuticle, needs to be smooth.
  2. The cuticle is made of tiny scales and it protects the inner layers of the hair where moisture is held. When the scales lay flat and the cuticle is smooth, light bounces off the hair to leave it looking shiny.
  3. If the cuticle becomes dry, the scales can lift. Pretty much everything we do to our hair from brushing to heated styling to hanging out in the sun can leave the cuticle dry and prone to damage.
  4. When the scales lift, hair becomes roughed up and dull.

The Answer? Keep the Cuticle Smooth…

It’s impossible to completely protect our hair from becoming dry so we believe the answer lies in prevention. Add moisture to the hair to combat the effects of the things that make our hair dry. When it has moisture and the cuticle is smooth, hair shines.

Take the opportunity to boost the moisture in hair whenever you can; after shampoo, before styling and a weekly injection of moisture from a deep conditioner.

Expert Advice: The Hair Care Blog

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My hair has never been this shiny.

I used to avoid conditioner on my fine hair. After my holiday, it was very dry. I tried your Revive conditioner and I’ll never skip conditioner again.


Anne, Glasgow

Thank you for this wonder product.

I recently bleached my hair which left it slightly frazzled; this got it feeling like normal hair again. Thank you for sending this wonder product.


Beauty Bible Tester

I am a BIG fan of your products.

All my life I have had a sensitive scalp and dry hairand finally now I have a perfect healthy scalp and gorgeous glossy hair so I’m beyond thrilled.


Sally, London

Made my highlighted hair shine.

Will definitely buy this shampoo again. It really made my highlighted hair shine. Also, the fab smell – received comments from the family.


Beauty Bible Tester

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Want to add instant volume to fine hair? Try out some simple volume-boosting styling techniques as demonstrated by @chani_lillian.

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