Dry Hair Treatment: How to Fix Dry Hair this Autumn

Dry Hair Treatment

With the right treatment, hair doesn’t have to be dry. If you’re refreshed after a relaxing holiday, there’s a chance your hair won’t be feeling the same way. Unless of course, you followed our summer hair care tips! If you did, well done and keep up the good work. If not, some dry hair causes could be a combination of sunshine, chlorine damage, heated styling tools and fixatives has left your hair feeling dry, burnt out and brittle.

Every season creates challenges for hair. You might think the cooler temperatures would be a relief for hair but the drop in temperature brings with it damp air, rain and wind all conspiring to leave hair dry. When the central heating is switched on its drying effects are yet another challenge for hair.

So, if you have dry hair, its time to take charge. First up, kick start your autumn hair care routine with a natural dry hair treatment like our avocado hair repair mask.

You can also check out our advice on how to fix dry, brittle hair but here are some tips to get you started.

Build a Weekly Routine

  • First things first, when thinking about fixing dry hair its good to get into a routine with a weekly hair treatment. Forget quick fixes. We are talking about building a long-term approach to getting and keeping your hair in great condition.
  • Dry hair treatments are also known as deep conditioning treatments or hair masks. The job of dry hair treatments is to get moisture to the core of your hair. For the hair to retain that moisture the cuticle (the outer layer that protects the cortex) has to be smooth. If the cuticle is lifted hair becomes dry and brittle and prone to breakage. So it’s really quite simple; it’s all about adding moisture to the core of the hair and smoothing the cuticle.
  • The thing about hair is that you can’t overload it. Restoring moisture to dry hair is a gradual approach. That’s why a weekly routine is so important. Adding moisture to dry hair as part of a regular routine of conditioning and deep treatments is the way to fix dry hair for good.

Get More from your Dry Hair Treatment

So once you’ve committed to treating dry hair, we think it’s important to get the most from your product. Manufacturer’s instructions will give you a general guideline on how to use the products but we think factoring in a little salon know-how will help you get the most from your dry hair treatment.

What’s your Porosity?

If you’ve had your hair colour-treated in a salon you may have come across the term, porosity. Or if you have curly hair, its a term commonly used when caring for curly hair.

When we talk about porosity, we are really talking about the way in which our hair absorbs moisture. The reason this is important as it has an impact on how you approach the hair.

The porosity of hair is generally split into 3 categories:

  1. Low Porosity: It doesn’t absorb moisture easily. Be sparing with dry hair treatment products so you don’t overload the hair. Too much product can leave hair flat. Always start with less product, let the hair absorb it for a few minutes and then layer on more product if needed.
  2. Normal Porosity: Easily absorbs moisture and stays hydrated. Regular conditioning with a weekly dry hair treatment will help to maintain the health of your hair.
  3. High Porosity: Absorbs moisture easily but needs a lot of moisture. Check the manufacturer’s instructions but leaving a dry hair treatment on for longer can help with high porosity hair. For this hair type, we recommend leaving our Restore and Shine Hair Masque on overnight. Don’t be tempted to layer on lots of product, you don’t need it. Just leave on for longer and give the hair mask more time to work its magic.

Hair Porosity

If you want to know more about porosity and how you can test your porosity type, take a look at another piece we wrote on how to test your hair’s porosity. It’s included in our guide to curly hair but if your hair isn’t curly, don’t let that put you off, the principle of testing and how to treat dry hair based on porosity type is the same.

Autumn Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

With regular use of dry hair treatments, your hair should become silkier, shinier and easier to manage. However, there is more you can do to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh this autumn.

  1. Trim hair regularly to remove split ends. Leave them and they’ll ride up the shaft and damage the hair. We recommend a trim every 6-8 weeks.
  2. If you colour your hair, keep on top of it. We recommend a semi-permanent colour on your ends. It’s less drying for the hair and they are great for adding shine.
  3. Choose the right product for your hair type. If your products aren’t working for you then seek advice from your hairdresser. Make sure you condition every time you wash your hair.
  4. Less is more. Don’t overload the hair with fixatives. Avoid heavy products such as waxes and oils and choose leave in conditioners that help with styling and add moisture to the hair.
  5. Build your own hair care kit bag. Your tools should include shampoo, conditioners, hair mask, brush, rollers and light styling products or leave in conditioners. Rollers are an easy way to give hair body and volume. Plus they are a great way of taking a break from heated styling which, if you overdo it, can make hair dry.

Dry, Brittle Hair and Split Ends

If the hair is excessively dry, it can lead to split ends and breakage. So, as we’ve mentioned above getting regular trims will help with reducing split ends. However, it’s not always possible to get rid of them all. Once you’ve got a weekly routine of dry hair treatments in place you can top up the moisture by using leave in conditioners for styling. Leave in conditioners are good for giving control when styling the hair but they also add moisture to dry hair. This is particularly important if you are using heated styling tools to dry your hair.

Split ends can be frustrating if you are trying to get a smooth finish on the hair. For a clean, smooth finish, we use our Glossy Styling Mist. It contains tiny bubbles of keratin and argan oil that temporarily seal split ends. This means the cuticle sits flat for a super, shiny finish. Plus there is the added bonus that the keratin and argan oil reactivates when you brush hair in between washes.


Fix Dry Hair and Split Ends: Styling Mist Dry Hair Treatment
If hair becomes excessively dry and brittle split ends can become a problem. Choose leave in conditioners for styling. Ogario London Glossy Mist contains Argan Oil and Keratin to seal split ends for a super smooth finish.

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We Recommend

There are a lot of dry hair treatment products on the market. It can be tricky to work out which one is best for your hair. We like to keep things simple. Our Restore and Shine Hair Masque works for All Hair Types and is our best hair mask for dry hair and damaged hair. We developed it in our salon over a 4-year period and its formulated to add moisture and fix dry hair.

Best Treatment for Dry Hair; Restore and Shine Hair Masque
Add moisture to dry hair with our award-winning Restore and Shine Hair Masque Treatment
-Pro Vitamin B5 gets right to the core of the hair, adding moisture to dry hair and plumping out the cuticle to give hair body.
-Avocado – the fatty acids in avocado help to add moisture and smooth the cuticle.
-Glycerin helps the hair retain moisture.



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