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Dry Hair Treatment

Hair Care Routine

Get More from your Dry Hair Treatment

What’s your Hair Porosity?

Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

Dry, Brittle Hair and Split Ends


Dry hair treatments are intensive treatments developed to leave your hair silky-smooth and shiny.

In this blog, I’ll cover how you can build a weekly hair care routine incorporating a dry hair treatment. Plus, I’ll share some tips on how you can get more from your dry hair treatment.

Dry hair can have multiple causes; sunshine, chlorine damage, heated styling tools, and harsh styling products can leave your hair feeling dry, burnt out, and brittle.

When it comes to weather, every season creates challenges for your hair. You might think cooler temperatures would be a relief for hair, but a drop in temperature brings with it damp air, rain and wind. The elements conspire to leave the hair dry. When the central heating is on, its drying effects are another challenge for hair.

If you have dry hair, it’s time to take charge. Kickstart your hair care routine with a dry hair treatment.

Hair Care Routine

  • When thinking about fixing dry hair, it’s good to get into a routine with a weekly hair treatment. Forget quick fixes. I’m talking about building a long-term approach to adding moisture to your hair. I’m talking about keeping it in the best condition so that your hair retains moisture.
  • Dry hair treatments are also known as deep conditioners or hair masks. Hair conditioning treatments get moisture to the hair’s core. For your hair to retain moisture, the cuticle must be smooth. The cuticle is the outer layer of hair and forms a protective seal. If the cuticle lifts or breaks, the hair becomes dry, brittle or prone to breakage. 
  • The thing about hair is that you shouldn’t overload it. Restoring moisture to dry hair is a gradual approach. That’s why a weekly routine is vital. Add moisture to dry hair as part of a routine of conditioning and deep conditioning treatments to fix dry hair.

Get More from your Dry Hair Treatment

So once you’ve committed to treating dry hair, the next step is to ensure you get the most from your hair conditioning treatment. The manufacturer’s instructions will give you a general guideline on usage for treatments for dry hair. However, I’ll share some salon expertise to help you get the most from your dry hair treatment.

Before you apply a dry hair treatment, it’s worth thinking about your hair’s porosity. Keep reading to see why your hair’s porosity makes a difference in the application of the product. 

What’s your Hair Porosity?

If you’ve had your hair colour-treated in a salon, you may have come across porosity. Or maybe you have curly hair. It’s a term commonly used when caring for curly hair.

Porosity is how our hair absorbs moisture. Understanding hair porosity is vital to how we apply any hair product. Read my guide to hair porosity below.

I grade the porosity of hair into three categories:

  1. Low Porosity: It doesn’t absorb moisture easily. Be sparing with dry hair treatment products to avoid overloading the hair. Too much product can leave hair flat. Always start with less product, let the hair absorb it for a few minutes and then layer on more product if needed.
  2. Normal Porosity: Easily absorbs moisture and stays hydrated. Condition your hair regularly and incorporate a weekly dry hair treatment into your hair care routine. That helps to maintain the health of your hair.
  3. High Porosity: This hair absorbs moisture well but needs a lot of moisture. Check the manufacturer’s instructions but leaving a dry hair treatment on for longer can help with high porosity hair. I recommend leaving Restore and Shine Hair Masque on your hair overnight. Don’t be tempted to layer on too much product; it isn’t necessary. Simply leave it on for longer and give the hair mask more time to work its magic.

Hair Porosity

If you want to know more about porosity and how you can test your porosity type, go to my hair care blog on how to test your hair’s porosity. I’ve included this in my guide to curly hair. But, if your hair isn’t curly, don’t let that put you off. The principle of testing your hair’s porosity, along with how to treat dry hair, is the same, whatever your hair type.

Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

With regular dry hair treatments, your hair should become silkier, shinier and easier to manage. However, there is more you can do. Keep your hair looking and feeling fresh with our tips below.

  1. Trim hair regularly to remove split ends. Split ends can ride up the shaft and damage the hair. So it’s best to get rid of them. I recommend a trim every 6-8 weeks.
  2. If you colour your hair, keep on top of it. I recommend a semi-permanent colour on your ends. It’s less drying for the hair, and they are great for adding shine. Talk to your colourist for advice.
  3. Choose the right product for your hair type. If your products aren’t working for you, seek advice from your hairdresser. Make sure you condition every time you wash your hair.
  4. Less is more. Don’t overload the hair with fixatives. Avoid heavy products such as waxes and oils and choose leave-in conditioners that help with styling and add moisture to the hair. 
  5. Build your hair care kit bag; include shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, brush, rollers and light styling products. Rollers are an easy way to give hair volume and a great way of taking a break from heated styling. If you overdo it, heated styling can make hair dry.

Dry, Brittle Hair and Split Ends

If your hair is dry, it can lead to split ends and breakage. 

Regular trims, along with your deep conditioning hair care routine, will help to reduce the risk of breakage.

Split ends can be frustrating if you want to achieve that smooth, glossy Hollywood hairdo. Get silky-smooth, shiny hair with Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Glossy Finish. 

It contains tiny keratin bubbles and argan oil that temporarily seal split ends. That means the cuticle sits flat for a super-shiny finish. The keratin and argan oil reactivates when you brush hair in between washes.

It’s a styling product, but it’s also a leave-in conditioner. I love leave-in conditioners for styling. Leave-in conditioners are good for giving control when styling hair. Plus, they add moisture to dry hair. That is vital if you use heated styling tools to dry your hair.

Hair Styling Product Shine

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Get more tips and advice on how to fix dry brittle hair in my blog. Click on the link below.

How to Fix Dry Brittle Hair


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