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How to Get Rid of Split Ends | Expert Tips

Split ends can spoil an otherwise fabulous hairdo. If you long for sleek, glossy locks, the best thing you can do is get rid of split ends.
Based on over 35 years of salon experience, I’ve developed a deep conditioning treatment exclusively formulated to prevent split ends and hair breakage.

My mantra when it comes to hair is to keep it simple. I believe in taking a simple approach for maximum impact. What hair needs at the most fundamental level is moisture. Moisture is the foundation of a good hair care routine; put moisture at the heart of your routine to prevent split ends.

Split ends in hair are the nemesis of smooth, shiny hair; keep reading for advice on getting rid of split ends in your hair and discover why Restore and Shine Hair Masque is my best hair treatment, adding moisture to hair and preventing breakage.

Split Ends | Overview

Split Ends in Long Hair

What are Split Ends?

Split ends happen when hair is dry and brittle. Every hair strand has an outer layer called the cuticle. When the cuticle lifts due to damage from heat or other environmental factors, the hair’s core can’t retain moisture. 

Without moisture, the hair becomes frayed at the ends. 

If you ignore split ends, they can ride up the length and cause further damage.

What do Split Ends Look Like?

Showing split ends in hair

Think about a piece of string or a shoelace that’s lost the seal at the end. The ends begin to fray, and if you tug on it a little, the frayed ends ride up the string or shoelace. That’s what split ends look like.

However, hair can split anywhere, not just at the ends. If the cuticle is dry, your hair can split anywhere along the length; moisture is vital for your hair to maintain a smooth finish and prevent split ends.

This blog is about how to get rid of split ends and prevent them from reoccurring. I’ll tell you how to stop split ends in 4 easy steps.

Plus, I’ll share my tips on how to prevent split ends and why regular treatments with Restore and Shine Hair Masque are the best way to treat your hair to avoid their return.

Get Rid of Split Ends | 4 Easy Steps

How to Get Rid of Split Ends

1. Get a Hair Trim every 6 to 8 Weeks

Allow split ends to linger, and you’ll find they ride up the hair shaft, causing further damage to the hair and even breakage. Nip them in the bud with a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. 

I can almost hear the protest if you are growing your hair. But here’s the thing. Trimming your hair will leave your hair looking longer and lusher. That may sound counter-intuitive. 

However, a blunt edge at the ends of the hair leaves hair looking fuller than it does if the ends become scraggly and broken. 

Plus, if your hair breaks because the split ends are riding up the hair, you’ll probably find you have to cut your hair much shorter to repair the damage.

2. Use Styling Products that Treat Split Ends

Treat Split Ends with Styling Products: Female long brown hair

Give your hair a break from the straighteners, turn down the temperature on the hairdryer and let your hair dry naturally once a week. 

Use a leave-in conditioner spray to add moisture to hair when styling. Use less heat and add moisture to the hair. Adding moisture helps smooth the cuticle and stop further breakage. 

My styling sprays, Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Glossy Finish add moisture. They are formulated with pro vitamin b5, giving them the double action of leave-in conditioner and styling product and giving your hair the support it needs as you style. Plus, we make them using the latest advances in cosmetic ingredients. They contain tiny keratin bubbles that release argan oil to target damaged hair and seal split ends for a super-sleek finish. These multi-tasking products also add shine and speed up drying time to reduce heat damage.

Get Volume and Shine

Add Shine as you Style

3. Be Gentle with your Hair

Split Ends Long Hair

Love your hair and treat it well. Go gentle on brushing and combing.

Don’t pull and tug the hair, especially when your hair is wet and most fragile. 

If you are combing hair when wet, use a wide-tooth comb and gently hold the mid-lengths of the hair so that you don’t pull at the roots. 

Start from the ends, working your way up the hair with no tension at the roots.

4. Add Moisture to your Hair Weekly

Jar of Restore and Shine Hair Masque open

Treat your hair to some nourishing ingredients. Imagine what you’d do if your skin started peeling after sun exposure. You’d add moisture. 

Choose hair products with ingredients that add moisture and see the difference it makes to your hair. Moisture is vital. It’s essential in preventing the return of split ends. It helps hair maintain flexibility and stretch, preventing breakage.

I love pro vitamin b5 for its ability to penetrate the hair with moisture. That means it gets moisture right to the core of the hair. My deep conditioner and styling products are formulated with pro vitamin b5 to add moisture and glycerin to smooth the outer layer of the hair, allowing your hair to retain moisture for longer. 

A weekly treat with my pro vitamin b5 deep conditioner, Restore and Shine Hair Masque, will help keep split ends in check.

How to Prevent Split Ends | Expert Tips

You’ve had your hair cut or trimmed. The split ends are gone. Now, your focus is on making sure they never return. The tips below focus on adding moisture to your hair, reducing moisture loss to maintain your hair flexibility and reducing breakage when sleeping or styling.

Here are my recommendations below for how to prevent split ends.

1. Use a Good Quality Hairbrush to Prevent Split Ends

Long Hair Tips | Female brushing hair

Use a good quality hairbrush. Brushing is a good way of bringing shine back to hair. It distributes natural oils, helping the overall health of hair. But as always! Too much of a good thing can be bad for your hair, and over-brushing can cause breakage. So, take it easy.

2. Wash Hair in Warm Water

Heat makes hair dry and prone to breakage. I recommend washing your hair in warm water, not too hot. Opt for lower settings on the hairdryer. My preference is to avoid straighteners, but if you must, use them occasionally and always use heat protection.

3. Be Gentle with Your Hair

Split Ends: Female with long blonde hair, back to camera

Go gentle on hair when it’s wet. Gently squeeze out water from the hair. Some towels can be a bit harsh on the hair. Therefore, using a microfibre towel is a better option.

4. Reduce Drying Time

Reduce time under the hairdryer. My styling range speeds up drying time when applied to damp hair before styling.

Get Volume and Shine

Add Shine as you Style

5. Protect Hair from the Midday Sun

Protect Hair from Split Ends with a sun hat in the midday sun

Protect hair from the midday sun. In a hot climate, cover your hair to reduce damage.

6. Wear a Swimming Cap

Protect Hair from Split Ends with a Swim Cap

Wear a swimming cap. Chlorine and saltwater are incredibly drying for hair, so it’s best to keep hair covered when you take a plunge in the pool or the sea. 

7. Get Regular Trims to Prevent Split Ends

Get regular trims. A haircut is not a one-off event or even a once-a-year event. To prevent split ends, get a haircut every 6-8 weeks.

8. Sleep on a Silk or Satin Pillow

Split Ends: Model with long blonde hair, smiling

Sleep on a silk or satin pillow. Hair gets broken as we move around at night. Laying your head on a slippery fabric avoids damage to the cuticle as you move. 

9. Add Moisture to Hair to Prevent Split Ends

Add moisture to your hair at every opportunity. Condition hair every time you shampoo. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Use my styling sprays before styling hair. 

How to Get Rid of Split Ends | Take Aways

Get Rid of Split Ends Tips

1. Get Regular Trims

Get regular trims to prevent split ends causing damage further up the hair shaft.

2. Add Moisture to Hair

Adding moisture though regular conditioning and deep conditioning will smooth the cuticle and prevent the hair from splitting.

3. Protect your Hair

Protect your hair from sun, heated styling and use a silk or satin pillow or sleep cap to protect your hair overnight.

4. Be Gentle

Be gentle whenever you handle your hair.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends | About the Author

Picture of Norris Ogario

Norris Ogario

Norris Ogario is founder and Creative Director of Ogario London. Developed in his London salon, the Ogario London haircare products reflect his belief that hydration is the key to fixing most hair problems. Hydrated hair can be styled with ease. Plus, hydration leaves hair shiny and healthy. Norris has over 35 years of hair know-how. With expertise in all hair types; from dry hair to fine or grey hair, from frizzy to damaged or bleached hair, curly hair and afro hair, Norris offers his expert advice.

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