Party Hairstyles for Long Hair: Styling Tips for Volume

Party Hairstyles for Long Hair: Make a Statement

If you’ve got long hair and want to make a big statement with your party hairstyles this festive season, we’ve got just the style. So, why not max your look this Christmas and throw tinsel-decked caution to the wind? Go big and bold with this super-glamorous style.

Our styling tips for volume and big, bouncy waves will help you achieve maximum body and volume in a hairstyle that shouts, ‘Let’s party!’

Add Volume, Movement and Bounce  to Hair without losing Shine

So, this look is about adding volume, movement and bounce to your hair. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on shine. First up, we believe in light touch styling. The less you do to your hair the better it looks and the shinier it will be. Secondly using the right products to add moisture and shine will show your hair in the best light and let it’s natural beauty shine through. So, pack away the straighteners and embrace soft, wavy tresses for a festive style that oozes glamour and sophistication.

Party Hairstyles for Long Hair: Tips for Adding Volume to Long Hair

Hairstyling Tools: Styling Mist for Volume, Hairdryer, Velcro Rollers, Tail Comb

Step 1

After shampooing, rinse hair, towel out excess water and apply a hair treatment. If you are wondering which treatment to choose we recommend deep conditioner Restore and Shine Hair Masque. That’s because it leaves hair soft, full of shine and strengthened. Firstly, pro-vitamin b5 gets moisture right to the core of the hair and secondly, glycerin smoothes the cuticle to maximise shine. Leave it on for 10 minutes or longer if required. Then, rinse hair and towel dry, leaving the hair damp.

Step 2

Spritz hair with hair volumizer. Two to three pumps should be enough. You can spray above the head and let it fall onto the hair or you can spray directionally. For example, you can tip your head forward and spray the styling mist underneath, depending on where you want to add volume.

Step 3

Once you’ve applied the styling mist you can gently blow-dry while tossing the hair around with your hands; the bigger it gets, the better. However, the most important thing here is not to overdry the hair. When hair is too dry it loses elasticity and if you’ve ever experienced a situation where your hair just won’t hold a style or becomes fly-away or even dull, chances are you’ve overdone it with the hairdryer. Our advice? Choose a cooler setting and stop drying as soon as the hair is no longer damp. Don’t be tempted to keep going. Remember, light touch!

Step 4

When you’ve finished with the hairdryer and whilst the hair is still warm take some Velcro rollers and place randomly in the hair, wherever you’d like to achieve extra bouncy, imprecise spirals.

Step 5

Once the hair has cooled, remove the rollers, take your fingers through to soften them. So, here’s the big moment. Why? Because the drama of this hairstyle is in the big sweep over of the hair. That’s because it’s not only about adding volume but it also gives the look instant sophistication. In fact, it elevates the style to a super-glamorous party hairstyle for long hair. So, sweep hair to one side to and lightly backcomb the roots with a tail comb to give a gentle lift.

TIP: Only curl the hair from ear-level down; leaving the roots straight keeps the look loose and natural.

More Party Hairstyles for Long Hair: The Low Pony

The Low Pony is the polar opposite of this big volume hairstyle. Having said that, it has all the glamour and sophistication. Not to mention, it’s just as quick and easy to style. So why not forget planning different outfits for each party? Recycling outfits is better for the planet and your wallet. So why not simply change your hairstyle to give your whole look a different vibe? This elegant look is simple with a capital S, not to mention super-stylish.

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Party Hairstyles for Long Hair: Styling Products

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Party Hairstyles for Long Hair: Add Volume

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