Christmas Party Hairstyle: Styling Tips for Volume

Max your look this Christmas, throw tinsel-decked caution to the wind and go big and bold. We share our styling tips for volume and big, bouncy waves.

Achieve Body, Movement and Bounce without losing Shine

This look is about achieving body, movement and bounce without losing shine. So pack away the straighteners and embrace soft, wavy tresses for a festive boost…

Styling Tips for Volume

  1. After washing, apply a hair treatment. Try the Restore and Shine Hair Masque for hair that will be soft, full of shine and strengthened from within. Rinse hair and towel dry, leaving the hair damp.
  2.  Spritz with Ogario London Styling Mist for Natural hold and Volume and blow-dry while tossing the hair around with your hands; the bigger it gets, the better. Don’t over-dry.
  3. Whilst the hair is still warm take Velcro rollers and place randomly, wherever you’d like to achieve extra bouncy, imprecise spirals.
  4. Once the waves have cooled, remove the rollers, take your fingers through to soften them. Sweep hair to one side and lightly backcomb the roots.

TIP: Only curl the hair from ear-level down; leaving the roots straight keeps the look loose and natural.

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