Velcro Rollers – 8 Reasons to Love this Hair Styling Tool

Velcro Rollers | Expert Tips

The Velcro roller is one of my favourite hair styling tools.

Ok, so I know the Velcro roller isn’t at the cutting edge of technology, and it’s not as whizzy as some of the new hair styling tools out there. But sometimes the classics are the best. 

Velcro rollers are not only gentle on your hair, but they’re also versatile with a capital ‘V’.

If you want to turn heads with big bouncy waves, add volume to shorter styles or find easier, quicker and less damaging ways to style your hair, I recommend Velcro rollers.

Heat damage is a significant cause of dry, brittle and frizzy hair

By reducing the amount of heat applied to your hair, you can reduce damage. In this blog, I’ll talk about why I love the Velcro Roller and share some tips on using Velcro Rollers for styling your hair.

Velcro Rollers | 8 Reasons to Love Them

1.Velcro Rollers are Gentle on the Hair

Give your hair a quick blitz with the hairdryer after washing. Pop in the Velcros whilst your hair is still warm and slightly damp. There’s no need to apply a lot of heat to your hair, making Velcro rollers one of the most gentle hair styling tools.

2. You can take them Anywhere!

Velcro rollers are the ultimate in travelling light. Pop them in your handbag or hand luggage.

3. They come in All Shapes and Sizes

Velcro rollers aren’t just for use in long hair. The smaller rollers are perfect for shorter and finer hair types.

4. You can use them on Long Hair for Big Bouncy Waves

Don’t worry if your blow-drying skills are not up to scratch. Velcro rollers to the rescue. Go for fatter rollers to get big bouncy curls.

5. Add Volume to Short Hair

Go to my blog to find out how you can use Velcro rollers to create volume at the crown.

6. They Help you to Multi-Task

You can leave the rollers in your hair whilst you get on with something else – putting on your makeup or choosing your outfit.

7. Versatile Velcro!

You can use velcro rollers for all hair types.

8. Speed up Styling Time

No need to get hot under the hairdryer. No need for brushes. Let your Velcro Rollers do all the hard work!

Salon Know-How | Hair Tips for using Velcro Rollers

Shiny Hair

If you’ve never used Velcro rollers, or maybe you’ve tried them and found them tricky, follow my tips for best results.

1.Choose the Right Velcro Roller for your Hair

Big, fat rollers make big waves. Perfect for long hair and for adding volume. For shorter styles, go for medium to small rollers. 

Experiment and see what works for you.

2. Apply Rollers When Hair is Warm

It’s best to apply them to hair when it’s still slightly warm whilst still retaining some moisture.

After washing your hair, use a towel to blot out excess water.

If the hair is still very wet give your hair a short blast with the hairdryer before you apply a styling product. 

I recommend Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume. This Volumizer gives you control and volume whilst leaving your hair with natural movement.

3. Use a Styling Product for Control and Volume

After applying your styling product you can rough dry your with the hairdryer on a medium setting. Choosing cooler settings is better for your hair. 

When the hair is warm it has the flexibility for styling.

Be careful not to over-dry the hair. 

Most importantly, at this point, your hair should be warm but still have some moisture, so not completely dry.

4. Take Small Sections

Apply the rollers by taking a small section of hair. 

Make sure that you don’t cover the full width of the roller with hair, leaving space at either end.

5. Tension

Tension is the most vital part of applying Velcro rollers. If you get this right and you’ll avoid tangles. 

Start by holding the roller at the end of the hair, keep the hair at a straight angle, and maintain the tension as you roll to the roots. 

Ensure you are not pulling at the roots when you do this.

6. Leave the Velcro Rollers to Cool

Leave your rollers to cool and take them out in 10-15 minutes. Roll them back and use your hands and fingers to push your hair in place.

Get Salon Results when you Style Hair with Velcro Rollers | Take Aways

Short Grey Hair with Volume at Crown

I have three rules that I always follow when styling hair. Follow these rules when styling hair at home to get the best results.

1. Use Less Product

Use less product. When using styling products, use a little. If you overdo it, you risk the hair becoming difficult to style.

2. Dry your Hair for Less time

Dry your hair for less time. In my experience, most of us overdry our hair. Your don’t need to get your hair completely dry when working with a hairdryer. When hair is too dry, it loses its flexibility.

3. Don't Overwork the Hair

Don’t overwork the hair. Hair can become flat if it’s touched or brushed too much.

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