Style Ideas for Long Hair: 5 Ways to Wear a Ponytail

Style Ideas for Long Hair: The Ponytail

If you are looking for style ideas for long hair, it’s time to give some thought to the ponytail. As hairstyles go, it doesn’t get any easier than the ponytail. However, there’s more to the ponytail than hanging out at home or working your body at the gym. There’s so much more to the humble pony. Get creative with a ponytail; it can take you from relaxed Sunday brunch to the beach or to nighttime chic.

5 ways to chic up your pony

1. The Knotted Pony

This look is super elegant. It’s the epitome of cocktail chic. Pop on your favourite dress, slide on your favourite heels and rock this ponytail as you sip on a manhattan.

Model with bleached hair. Back of head. Hair in Ponytail to demonstrate bleached hair without breakage

The vital thing about this style is that hair accessories are hidden. Your hair becomes the accessory.

Tie your hair in a ponytail with a thin hairband, then take part of the length of the pony and wrap it around the hairband to hide it, securing in place with a Kirby grip underneath. I’ve placed the hair in the middle, but you can place it high or low depending on the look you want. Cheers!

For this sleek look where the hair is close to the head, it’s best to style on freshly washed hair. Particularly if you are prone to oily roots. You can add extra shine with a spritz of Glossy Mist before you dry your hair and along the length of the hair once you have styled your ponytail.

2. The High Pony

Female model with High Ponytail, side profile


Simply lifting your pony away from the nape of your neck towards the middle of your head can give a more playful, dressed up look. It gives height at the crown and changes your hairstyle in an instant. It’s one of my favourite style ideas for long hair.

This style can work with any long hair. I’ve shown it here with curly hair; this is a great way to dress curly hair in between washes. A couple of days after you’ve washed your curly hair, you might scrunch it up into a bun or hide it under your hat. Instead, you can refresh the curls by mixing a little Hydrate and Shine Conditioner with water and run it through your curls before you lift into a high pony for daytime chic.

3. The Plaited Pony

Style Ideas for Long Hair: Female model with a Plaited Ponytail


Go wild with the plaited pony. Keep your hair loose. Use a small band to secure the hair at the nape of the neck. This style works best on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed. The hair needs to be slightly mussed up and have a bit of body. If you want to add more volume, try Styling Mist for Volume. Generally, I recommend using it on damp hair before drying, but you can use it on dry hair to give your style a lift.

You can also try some gentle backcombing with a small toothcomb. The trick is not to overdo it. The point of this look is that it should look effortless so keep it looking natural with lightweight styling products.

For an easy party style, finish the plait halfway down the pony, tie in place and loosen a few strands to get in the party mood. You can see I’ve wrapped a strand of hair at the bottom of the plaited ponytail to hide the band. I love this undone ponytail plait. Sometimes I like hair not to look too ‘done’. Perfect for when you want glamour without taking it all too seriously.

4. The Twisted Pony


Female model wearing sunglasses holding hair in a twisted ponytail

Give your ponytail the edge. Tie your ponytail at the top of the head. Before you tie the bottom with a hairband, split the length in two and twist together. This daytime look is simpler than the plait, and I think it’s a great summer style. Keeping it easy on a hot day. What’s not to love?

Like the high pony, because the hair is sitting close to the head, freshly washed hair works best. Placing the ponytail high up towards the top of the head gives it a fresher, daytime look.

5. The Side Pony

Female model wearing a Side Ponytail looking to the right

Tie your ponytail at the side of your head to create a more sophisticated look instantly. Keep it relaxed with plenty of volume at the ends for a softer daytime look at the beach or by the pool.

A great holiday look, this style is low maintenance. It can take you from the poolside to the evening. By gently twisting the hair, you can create beachy waves. Simple release your ponytail, give the hair a gentle shake or use your fingers to push hair into place.

So there you have it. Some simple style ideas for long hair that can instantly update your look. Whatever the occasion, if you’ve got long hair, there’s a ponytail to suit your style.

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