Think your Fine Hair is a Letdown? Style it Out.

How to get Body in Fine Hair

With the right areas of focus and some small adjustments, you can create a stylish look even with the finest of hair types. Want to know how to get body in fine hair? We share our tips on parting, crown and fringe; 3 areas you can accentuate for maximum body and volume.

1  Part it Right (or Left!)

We believe that with the right position and angle your parting can make a statement. Middle partings can be unforgiving in fine hair, so make a small adjustment to one side. If you usually part on the left try flipping it to the right to see if it gives a better balance to your hairstyle.

Fine hair looks best when it has movement and lift so try a parting with a low or high angle to see what difference it makes. Put more emphasis on building up just one side of the hair, the side that you are going to part that day. If you have a cowlick use it to your advantage. Cowlicks naturally jump up so why not use them to create more body and movement?

2  Crowning Glory

The crown is your foundation and if you don’t have root height here hair will be flat. But it doesn’t have to be. You can create your own root-lift using rollers or back-combing. For more tips and techniques check out our blogs Turn up the Volume with Lift at the Crown and Salon Secrets: 3 Simple Techniques for Creating Volume in Fine Hair.

3  On the Fringe

For maximum impact make sure hair is well cut and shaped. It should sit perfectly on the forehead for balance. Avoid doing it yourself and go for a professional cut, as this will make a difference to the overall style. You can achieve body on the fringe even if it isn’t there naturally. Check out our blog Fringe in Focus to find out how you can create body with a small Velcro roller.

Happy styling!

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