Is your Fine Hair a Letdown? How to Add Volume

How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

Say goodbye to flat hair. With the right areas of focus and some small adjustments, you can create a stylish look even with very fine hair. Add volume to fine hair by focusing on 3 areas; the parting, the crown and the fringe.

Making changes to these three areas is a simple way of creating hair volume. Below we share our tips on how to add volume to fine hair by changing your parting, adding volume at the crown and the fringe.

1  Part it Right (or Left!)

Fine Hair: How to Add Volume to Hair

If you have fine hair and a middle parting it’s time to get creative. Middle partings are unforgiving in fine hair leaving it looking flat. Switching the position of a parting can transform fine hair.

Salon Know How
  • Our model has got very fine hair so to give her volume we’ve created a deep side parting. Either side can work.
  • We’ve cut layers into her hair for added volume and it’s been cut so that the parting can be switched to either side of the head. It gives more options for creating different looks and experimenting with the style.
  • We believe that with the right position and angle your parting can make a statement. If you usually part on the left try flipping it to the right to see if it gives a better balance to your hairstyle.
  • Fine hair looks best when it has movement and lift so try a parting with a low or high angle to see what difference it makes.
  • Put more emphasis on building up just one side of the hair, the side that you are going to part that day.
  • If you have a cowlick use it to your advantage. Cowlicks naturally jump up so why not use them to create more body and movement?

2  Crowning Glory

Short Hair: How to get volume in hair at the crown.

The crown is your foundation and if you don’t have root height here hair will be flat. But it doesn’t have to be. You can create your own root-lift using rollers, back-combing or back-brushing.

Salon Know How
  • Our model’s short hair is layered to add more volume and texture to very fine hair. Plus we’ve given the hair more weight at the crown so that it can be given some height when styling.
  • After washing and rough drying, apply a hair volume product and create a deep angled parting going right back to the crown.
  • We gave volume to our model’s hair at the crown using a Denman hair brush. The Denman is a great hair styling tool for fine hair as it doesn’t tangle the hair. Fine hair can be prone to tangling so if you don’t have one yet, we recommend investing in a Denman.
  • There are a couple of ways you can work with the Denman. You can gently back brush the hair to give it lift. When back brushing take care not to put tension on the roots. In fact, it’s best to work slightly back from the roots.
  • If the hair is longer you can work with the Denman as you would a roller; rolling it into the hair, giving hair a short blast of heat and letting it cool.

We’ve got more tips on working with the Denman hair brush in our blog, Short Bob Hairstyles: 3 Styles for Your Bob Haircut and a post about hair styling tools to keep you on the right styling track!

Find more tips on creating volume at the crown using Velcro rollers on our blog, Turn up the Volume with Lift at the Crown.

3  On the Fringe

Create Hair Volume with a Fringe

For maximum impact make sure your fringe is well cut and shaped. It should sit perfectly on the forehead for balance. Avoid cutting it yourself and go for a professional cut, as this will make a difference to the overall style. You can achieve volume on the fringe even if it isn’t there naturally.

Salon Know How
  • We’ve washed and rough-dried our model’s hair. Rough drying is really just drying the hair with your hairdryer, using your fingers to work the hair. This is a good way of adding texture to the hair. Apply a hair volumizer.
  • When the hair is semi-dried and still warm we popped a couple of Velcro rollers in the fringe. We left them to cool for around 10 to 15 minutes.
  • When cool, we removed the rollers and moved the hair into place using fingers. It’s important not to overdo it as you don’t want to flatten the volume you’ve just created.
  • If you want lots of texture in your hair, it’s good to practice using your fingers to work the hair. You don’t always have to use a brush. If you are using rollers for volume, gently pushing the hair into place with your fingers when you removed them makes it easier to retain volume.

Trying out these simple techniques can change how your hair looks and, of course, to how you feel about your hair. Knowing how to add volume to fine hair and which areas to focus on is half the battle. The rest is just practice. Get comfortable with making changes to the way you style your hair and these small changes can make a big difference. Happy Styling!

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