Create Volume in the Fringe: Styling Tips

Create Volume in the Fringe

Styling Products and Tools for Volume

How to get Volume in the Fringe in 4 Easy Steps

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The fringe is a great way of creating volume in the hair. I say the bigger the better. If you want to create volume with a fringe then simplicity is key.  You can easily create body and volume, whilst keeping plenty of natural movement for a fringe that looks fabulously full!

Restore and Shine Hair Masque, Deep Conditioner

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Deep conditioner for preparing the hair before styling for volume the fringe

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Styling Products and Tools for Volume in the Fringe

When it comes to styling, I believe in limiting the damage to hair. Too much heat on the hair leaves it looking frazzled. For maximum impact, the fringe should look healthy, full and shiny. Any hint of dry frizzy hair will ruin this look. That’s why I use multi-tasking styling products that condition your hair as you style. Plus, I prefer styling tools such as Velcro rollers that allow you to limit the amount of heat you apply to your hair.

For creating volume, body or texture in hair I rely on two simple styling tools: Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume and Velcro Rollers

  1. Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume. This super-lightweight mist was developed to leave hair full and give hold without any residue or stickiness.Styling Mist Volumiser
  2. Volume-boosting Velcro rollers. Now, we know Velcro rollers can be tricky to work with at first. However, it worth persisting. A little practice makes perfect and getting handy with Velcro rollers really does give you a whole host of different styling options.

Find out How to use Velcro Rollers in 4 Easy Steps in my blog on the subject. Velcro Rollers are adaptable and can be used for any number of hairstyles. Discover how to use them with ease.

Get the Look: Volume in the Fringe

Red haired female model with a full fringe to demonstrate volume in the fringe

Step 1  – Prep your Hair for Styling

Shampoo and condition the hair with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Take the excess water out of your hair with a towel. Hair should be damp but not dripping wet.

Step 2 – Super-lightweight Mist for adding Volume to the Fringe

Spritz 2 to 3 pumps of Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume in the hair. The super-lightweight mist can be sprayed above the head to fall on your hair, or directly on to the hair. Keep at a slight distance so that it spreads in the hair. Less is more. Leave for a few seconds and comb or brush through the hair.

If you are using another product, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

Styling Mist Volumiser used to create volume in the fringe

Brilliant. I don’t usually do reviews but I am so pleased with this. I have grey fine hair which I am growing into another style. This spray has kept my hair looking tidy and natural.

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Step 3 – Volume-boosting Velcro to add Volume to the Fringe

Blow dry as normal, ensuring you don’t over-dry the hair. Hair should be semi-dry so it should still have some moisture in it and still be warm before you apply the rollers. I rough-dried the model’s hair upside down until it was semi-dry. This is another way of adding volume to the hair.

So when your hair is semi-dry, you can pop a couple of small Velcro rollers in the fringe. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes allowing the hair to cool. You can finish up drying the rest of the hair. Again, we really urge you not to over-dry the hair as this can make the hair fly-away and increases heat damage to the hair.

Basically, if the hair feels dry, its time to put the hairdryer down.

Velcro rollers come in different sizes. The smaller sizes are great for volume on the fringe as they create a small lift. For bigger waves and curls, use bigger Velcros.

Step 4 – Light Touch to Finish your Style

Gently remove the Velcro rollers and use your fingers to finish the style. This bit is important and a light touch helps. It’s important to gently move the hair into place so that you don’t flatten the volume you’ve just created in your fringe.


Healthy Hair Matters

Female model with brown, shiny fine hair. Wearing dark sunglasses, red lipstick and volume in the fringe.

I’ve been working with hair for many years and getting volume in the hair, whether it’s at the fringe, or volume at the crown is a question that comes up often.

It’s a question that comes up for all hair types and getting enough body in thicker hair types can also be an issue. However, adding volume to hair is also a particular concern for fine hair types.

I’ve written extensively about caring for fine hair and adding volume to hair. We believe that styling hair is an important part of your hair care routine. Reducing the amount of heat applied to your hair and taking a more gentle approach to hair is a great way of maintaining healthy, shiny hair.

If you are interested in reading more about achieving healthy hair, reducing the damage to hair or other styling techniques, I’ve recommended some reading below.

About the Author

Norris Ogario is founder and Creative Director of Ogario London. Developed in his London salon, the Ogario London haircare products reflect his belief that hydration is the key to fixing most hair problems. You can style hydrated hair with ease. Plus, hydration leaves hair shiny and healthy. Norris has over 35 years of hair know-how. With expertise in all hair types; from dry hair to fine or grey hair, from frizzy to damaged or bleached hair, curly hair and afro hair, Norris offers his expert advice.


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How to take care of bleached hair; Fix Damage

About Us

Ogario London is a salon developed range of natural hair care products. We are passionate about our products, and, delivering the best results is at the heart of what we do. Do you have questions about our products? Or, would you like advice on the best products for your hair type? Maybe have another question about how to look after your hair? If you do, please get in touch at

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Shop for Volume

My Styling Products are developed to give you a light, natural hold with absolutely no compromise on the condition of your hair. In fact, my styling range is cleverly designed to condition your hair as you style. Application is easy and our styling products leave absolutely no build-up on the hair.

For adding volume to hair, I recommend Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume.

  • Detangle hair
  • Condition as your style
  • Speed up drying time


Add Volume on Fringe with Stying Mist for Volume
Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume. Combine with Velcro rollers to add volume to hair naturally.

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Restore and Shine Hair Masque was awarded best hair mask in the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Awards. As an independent hair care brand, we are incredibly proud to be recognised alongside some of the industry’s biggest haircare brands. Because I spend time ensuring that our products deliver the best results, I couldn’t be happier to get this review and win this prestigious award.

Here’s what Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey had to say,

“Beauty Bible fell in love with this mask when we discovered it at a Cosmetic Executive Women product demo evening. The brand comes from a London hair salon, and the mask is a huge boon for hair – packed with avocado, olive oil, aloe vera, nettle and horsetail, together with sage (which is rich in vitamins A, C and E). Just a sniff of this rich, unctuous creamy mask perks you up. Use for gleaming shiny, healthy hair.”

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