8 Reasons Velcro Rollers should be in your Christmas Stocking

The Velcro roller is a favourite styling tool here at Ogario London. We think they are the perfect stocking filler. Whether you want to turn heads with a big bouncy hairdo, add volume to shorter styles or simply find easier, quicker and less damaging ways to style your hair, we recommend the Velcro roller.

Here are 8 reasons for investing in Velcro

  1. They are gentle on the hair. Give your hair a quick blitz with the hairdryer after washing. Pop in the Velcros whilst hair is still warm, remove them when the hair has cooled and move hair into place with a brush or with your hands. No need to have loads of heat on the hair, making them much more gentle.
  2. You can take them anywhere – they are the ultimate in travelling light. Pop them in your handbag or hand luggage.
  3. They come in all shapes and sizes. You may think Velcros are just for long hair. Actually, you can find skinny versions that are perfect for shorter or finer hair types.
  4. You can use them on long hair for big bouncy waves – don’t worry if your blow-drying skills are not up to scratch. Velcro rollers to the rescue. Go for fatter rollers to get seriously big bouncy curls.
  5. Create body in short hair – take a look at our blog to find out how you can use Velcro rollers to create lift at the crown.
  6. They help you to multi-task. You can leave them in your hair whilst you get on with something else – putting on your makeup or choosing your outfit.
  7. Versatile Velcro! You can use velcro rollers for all hair types.
  8. Speed up styling time. No need to get hot under the hairdryer. No need for brushes and faffing about. Let your Velcros do all the hard work!

Happy Styling!

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