How to Care for Fine Curly Hair Naturally| Expert Tips

Fine Curly Hair doesn’t have to be flat. With the right approach your curls can be your biggest hair asset.

Curls give texture and volume to fine hair. Getting the right haircut or style will add movement and volume to fine curly hair. I have over 35 years of experience in the salon business, and in this blog, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for the best fine-curly hairstyles.

Plus, it’s time to take charge of your fine-curly hair routine; I’ll share what you can do at home to give volume to fine or thin curly hair.

Keep reading to discover how you can embrace and enhance your fine, curly hair.

Fine Curly Hair | Overview

Fine Curly Hair Overview

As with all curly hair, fine curly is naturally uneven and has dips and lifts that can leave your hair prone to frizz, breakage and moisture loss. But with the right approach, those dips and lifts become an asset. 

When fine curly hair has moisture, the dips, lifts and the uneven shape of the curls become flexible, frizz-free and easy to style. Those curls can even help fine hair hold a style.

Excessive or heavy amounts of product can add unwanted weight to fine or thin hair. However, you can easily add moisture to fine curly hair, giving your hair volume and bounce with Restore and Shine Hair Masque.

In this blog, I’ll share tried and tested techniques for adding moisture to fine curly hair without weighing it down. The first section of this blog is all about what you can do at home to add moisture to your hair.

I’ll share my tips for haircuts and what you should ask your hairstylist when discussing the best hairstyle for your fine, curly hair. 

Finally, I’ll share expert tips on styling fine, curly hair at home.

How to Care for Fine Curly Hair | Content

How to Add Moisture to Fine Curly Hair

Haircuts for Fine Curly Hair | Talking to your Stylist

Styling Fine Curly Hair | At Home

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How to Add Moisture to Fine Curly Hair

1. Little and Often

Little and often works for fine, curly hair; avoid overloading your hair with a lot of product at once. Give your time to absorb products. Ensure hair is damp and not dripping wet when applying deep conditioner.

2. Deep Condition

The most effective way to combat dry, flat hair is to include a weekly mask treatment in your hair care routine.

Use Restore and Shine Hair Masque and warm the product up in your hands before application. Not only will you get an even spread on the hair, but you’ll also activate the natural, nourishing ingredients that will give your hair the essential moisture to get your hair looking and feeling full and bouncy.


3. Define Curls

Use deep conditioning hair mask, Restore and Shine once a week to add moisture and improve the definition of your curls.

4. Say No to Silicones

Avoid products containing silicone, as they weigh heavily on fine, curly hair. They coat the hair to give it the appearance of a smooth, shiny finish, but they can make your hair drier over time. Your curls are your secret weapon for volume; the last thing you want to do is leave them flat.

5. Nourish your Hair

Deep conditioning hair treatment, Restore and Shine Hair Masque contains emollients, glycerin, avocado and tocopherol (vitamin E). They are the best ingredients for smoothing frizzy hair and improving curl definition by adding moisture and plumping out the hair cuticle, leaving fine, curly hair with volume and feeling fuller.

6. Focus on the Ends

When applying your deep conditioner, focus on the ends and mid-lengths and avoid the root area. . 

7. Tackle the Tangles

Fine hair is more prone to tangles. Leave Restore and Shine Hair Masque on for a few minutes, and as you rinse your hair, use your fingers to detangle gently. Restore and Shine Hair Masque detangles your hair as you rinse. You don’t need to use any combs or detangling tools. 

Speaking of tangles, choosing a silk or satin pillow is the best way of caring for your hair overnight. They reduce the friction on hair as you move your head overnight, helping to protect against tangles, frizzy hair and split ends. For those of us with curls, they also help to retain the shape of the curl.

8. Keep it Light

Fine Curly Hair doesn’t respond well to the direct application of oils. Oils applied directly to this hair type can leave it flat and greasy at the roots.

I love Argan Oil for its nourishing properties. However, I would never advocate applying it directly to fine hair. I believe in balancing it with other ingredients to get all the nourishing hair benefits without the downside of oily, flat roots.

In Styling Mist for Volume, I have blended argan oil with pro vitamin b5 and keratin. This blend balances the argan oil to ensure you get all the moisturising benefits when styling your hair without the downsides.

My exclusive formula nourishes the hair, adding moisture and volume. There is absolutely no residue or oiliness; it gives you the control to make hair styling easy.

The application is from a super-fine mist spray. Perfect for ensuring an even spread on the hair.

Hair Volumizer | Styling Mist for Volume

Fine Curly Hair | Hairstyles

We’ve talked about how to add moisture to your fine, curly hair at home.

Now, let’s talk about how you can get the most from your visit to the hair salon.

I believe that a great haircut starts with a  good discussion. Having a consultation with your hairstylist is the starting point. Get yourself fully prepped so that this is a two-way conversation. 

To get the best haircut and shape for your fine, curly hair, get involved and ask the right questions. 

Here are some discussion points for you and your stylist.

1. Length

Fine Curly Hair Short

Mid-length and shorter styles will give fine hair more volume. However, when cutting your hair, the shape and balance of your curls are vital. 

What do I mean by shape and balance? I’m talking about how you maximise the haircut to get weight in the right places to leave hair as full and thick as possible. 

2. Weight and Movement

Fine Curly Hair Mid Length

Don’t just talk to your stylist about the length of your hair. Ask them where they would recommend more weight in your hair and what changes they can make to give you more movement.

A haircut should be versatile enough to change the parting or try different styling options when you style it at home.

3. Individual Features

Fine Curly Hair Balance

When considering the shape and balance of a haircut, your hairstylist will consider your head shape, facial shape and features. Plus, they’ll look at your hairline front and back.

Talk to your stylist about what will suit you and what they think about those aspects of your haircut.

4. Layers

Fine Curly Hair Shape

Should thin, curly hair should be layered? Generally, I recommend opting for long textured layers towards the ends of the hair. However, I would avoid too many layers in fine curly hair.

Your stylist will guide you on what layers, if any, would work for your hair.

Curly hair can be one of the most challenging hair types to cut, but get it right, and it can look incredible. So, invest some time in having a productive discussion with your stylist.

Fine Curly Hair | Hairstyling at Home

Once you are back from the hair salon, it’s time to think about how you can style your hair at home.

I believe in experimenting with hair styling. The best way to discover what works best for your hair is to have a go. I’ve covered some styling ideas below to get you started.

1. Get Body at the Roots

Work with your natural curls and waves to give hair more body and movement. When drying hair with a hairdryer, focus on the roots where hair may be flatter. I encourage my curly-haired clients to ditch the hairbrush and use their fingers to lift the roots as they dry the hair.

Choose lightweight styling products for volume to give your hair some help. You can use short blasts of heat as you gently lift the roots. Turn your head upside down for extra lift and volume. The key is not to over-dry the hair. Overdrying the hair can leave it flat. Switch the hairdryer off when the hair is around 80% dry and leave the hair to dry naturally.

2. Diffuse or Air Dry

If you use a hairdryer to dry your fine curls, I recommend a diffuser. A diffuser attachment on your hairdryer disperses the air and prevents the heat from roughing up the cuticle. It reduces frizz and keeps your curls intact. Alternatively, you can air-dry your hair. Or, dry your hair with the hairdryer in its coolest setting. 

Discover my expert tips on how to air-dry your hair for volume below.

4. Air Dry | 3 Steps for Natural Volume

Learning how to air-dry hair is a quick and easy way of styling hair. You can add volume to fine hair using this method without the damaging effects of heat. 

I’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps.

1. Prep for Styling

  1. Shampoo, condition, and rinse hair.
  2. Wrap a microfibre towel around the hair to soak up excess water and remove it, using it to gently squeeze out any dripping water.
  3. Hair should be damp, not dripping wet. Give the hair a couple of spritzes with Styling Mist for Volume, a styling volumizer product for fine hair.
  4. Now relax and leave to dry.

2. Use your Hands

  1. Once your hair is starting to dry, give it another spritz of Styling Mist for Volume. 
  2. Start working with the hair using your hands. Yes, your hands! No other tools are required. Use your fingers to gently lift the roots. Turn your head upside down to create extra lift and volume. Alternatively, imagine you are working with a hairdryer, lifting the hair and moving your fingers in circular movements, gently easing and shaping the hair.
  3. Hair is easy to manipulate at this stage, and a styling product will give you the control you need to create volume.

3. The Finishing Touches

  1. Once the hair is dry, you can style it a bit more. But not too much! You don’t want to lose definition.
  2. Lift the hair gently and use your fingers to mimic the brush, giving the hair plenty of natural movement.
  3. You can spritz styling mist on your fingers and push it into the hair. 

Practice these techniques to understand how your hair responds. The more practice, the easier you’ll find this hassle-free way of drying your hair.

Fine Curly Hair| Tips and Take Aways

FIne Curly Hair Brunette

Taking care of curly hair shouldn’t be complicated. Follow my guide to develop a routine of looking after your unique curls. Give your curls the love and attention they deserve. The reward will be fabulous curly hair!

1. Less is More

Use hair products lightly on fine, curly hair. Add moisture, but little and often. Layering is vital.

2. Deep Condition Fine Curly Hair

A weekly deep conditioning hair mask is essential for maintaining moisture and sealing the cuticle to fight frizz, dryness, and tangles and leave hair shiny. Opt for a good quality hair mask.

3. Go for Balance

When cutting hair, balance is vital in getting the right shape for your curls. Talk to your Stylist.

4. Consult before The Cut

Find a stylist who knows how to work with curly hair. Always book a consultation to agree on the best style for you and your curls.

5. Keep Heat to a Minimum

Use a diffuser to dry waves and curls, but try to minimise the heat. Learn how to air-dry your hair.

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