Best Hair Styling Products: Tips and Expert Advice

Choosing the best hair styling products is just as important as choosing the best shampoo, the best conditioner or the best hair mask. If you spend time taking care of your hair with regular cleansing, conditioning and you even manage to squeeze in a hair mask treatment, you’ll understand how much your hair loves the attention. With a good routine and the right products for your hair type, hair condition should look and feel healthier. But that’s not all. We believe that the best hair styling products should build on the great foundations of a regular routine of cleansing and conditioning the hair.

Here’s why. Hair that’s well-cared-for should also be easier to manage and style. Are you finding that, despite having a good routine in place, your hair condition isn’t what you would expect? Maybe it’s difficult to style, lacking body or even feeling dry and frizzy. Now is the time to get proactive with your styling routine!

We share our tips on choosing the best hair styling products.

The Best Hair Styling Products – Tips and Expert Advice

What Are You Hoping to Achieve with your Styling Product?

There are lots of tools and techniques for styling hair. Whether you are simply letting hair air-dry, getting handy with Velcro rollers or grabbing the trusty hairdryer, chances are you’ll need a product to help you achieve the finished style.

When it comes to styling hair and choosing the best products we recommend giving some thought to what you hope to achieve. Do you want to add volume to fine hair? Are you hoping to add shine to dull hair? Are you hoping to tame the frizz? Or maybe you are after a super-sleek, glossy finish? You might be simply looking for better control or more hold.

Look out for styling products that address your specific hair needs. So all of the above items, such as adding volume or shine, are important but when choosing a product, you should also think about things such as application. So for example, if you have fine hair, getting the right application is particularly important. We’ve chosen a light mist application for our styling range as it spreads the product more evenly on the hair making it perfect for fine hair types.

Styling Products should Enhance the Condition of your Hair

We, 100%, believe that styling products have to be more than just a styling product. If a styling product can’t multi-task then we are not interested. We are passionate about hair. We believe that styling products should continue the good work of your shampoo and conditioner. That’s why we pack our styling range with conditioning ingredients such as Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Honey.

Our formulations are designed to moisturise and strengthen the hair as you style. This is important because it can help to protect the hair during the styling process. If you’ve ever suffered from dry or brittle hair, you’ll know that the stress that styling puts on the hair can lead to the hair becoming drier. By using a styling product that adds moisture to the hair you can reduce the dryness and help protect the hair from further damage.

We’ve written an article about how to improve your hair’s elasticity. This is a good read for anyone with dry or brittle hair. Improving the elasticity of the hair makes it easier to style. Plus it just looks and feels healthier. Read more on the blog, Hair Elasticity: Do the Stretch Test.

Speed Up Drying Time

When we say multi-tasking, we mean it. We think a styling product should work hard. So, not only have our styling products been developed to improve the condition and texture of the hair, but they also speed up drying time. If you are searching for a new styling product, reducing drying time is a double whammy of a benefit. You might say it’s a plus-plus. Firstly, reducing drying time is a great way of reducing the damage from heated styling.  Less time under the hairdryer is a massive benefit for the hair. As we’ve said many times before heat is one of the biggest factors in hair becoming dry and brittle. So it makes sense that your styling product should reduce drying time. Secondly, and we know this is important, it saves you valuable time.

Keep Split Ends in Check

Both of our Styling Mists contain Argan Oil and Keratin to help repair damaged hair and temporarily seal split-ends. Not only feeding your hair with great ingredients but also giving it a shinier, healthier-looking finish. It’s this kind of detail that can really make a hair styling product stand out from the crowd. If you want your hair to look its best, a styling product that seals and smooths the cuticle can make a difference to the finished look.

Don’t let split ends downgrade your do. Take a look at our blog on getting rid of split ends to find out what else you can do to tackle the scourge of the split end.

Looking for a Volume Boost?

Choose a hair styling product that does what it says on the tin. If you want to boost the volume in flat tresses then we recommend our Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume. Containing Oats for body and Lemon Zest for shine, this little volume-booster is delivered to the hair in a super-fine mist. This application is a great way of ensuring an even-spread on the hair and won’t weigh down even the finest of hair types.

Best for Shine: Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume

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Looking for Shiny Hair?

The Styling Mist for Natural Hold and a Glossy Finish is a must for dry hair types. It contains Sugar Beet which increases the water retention capability of the hair, leaving it stronger and shinier. Whether you are looking for a super-sleek finish or want to add moisture to your curls, this mist delivers.

Best for Shine: Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Glossy Finish

Leave in hair conditioner for dry hair adds shine

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