Get your Best Hair with Natural Styling Products

If you’ve opted for a natural shampoo and conditioner but think going natural with styling products is a step too far. Its time to think again. The best natural styling products are innovative formulations. They combine the best ingredients from nature with the latest cosmetic science innovations to deliver products that are not only effective but, we would argue, are better than their synthetic counterparts.

We are Passionate about Healthy Hair

When we developed our natural styling products our priority was that they should enhance hair. We believe that styling is an integral part of how we care for our hair. The products we use to style hair should build on the good foundations of shampoo and conditioner. So what do we mean by good foundations? Our ethos is that in order for hair to be healthy and shiny, it’s important to focus on two things. We need to take good care of the scalp and keep the hair hydrated.

If the scalp is in good condition then it has the best chance of growing hair that is healthy and stronger. If hair is hydrated, it’s easier to style, more manageable, less frizzy, shinier. Not only does it look healthier, but it also has a better texture.

So if you’ve ever thrown your hands up in frustration. If you’ve ever felt that you can’t do anything with your hair. Or if you leave the salon with perfectly coiffed hair but think you can’t achieve that at home. Now’s the time to start thinking about how the best natural styling products can help you achieve your best hair.

Hair Styling: Get the Best Results from your Natural Styling Products

When it comes to hair styling products there are a few things we think are important to get the best results.
  • Shampoo and conditioner should leave your hair clean, residue-free and hydrated. Get that right and your hair will be easier to work with and easier to style.
  • Light touch. Less is more with styling products. If you are trying to fix problems such as excessive dryness with styling products, go back to your shampoo and conditioner. Are they giving your hair the right foundation?
  • The application of styling products is essential for good results. If you’ve ever applied oil or serum directly to the hair, it can be difficult to get an even spread. It’s easy to overload the hair, leaving it feeling heavy.
  • Mist and spray applications make it easier to get a light, even spread on the hair.
  • If you are using a styling mist, try spraying just above (not directly on the hair) the head. Let it fall onto your hair. This helps to give a lighter application of the product. If you want to target a specific area to create control, volume or hold at the sides, for example, you can spray the mist directly on that area of the hair.
  • Keep it simple. Choose one multi-tasking product. There’s no need to use several products. The Ogario London styling range gives control and hold to hair. It detangles, reduces static and speeds up drying time. It contains Argan Oil for hair repair and Keratin. These hair-loving ingredients are delivered to the hair in a super-fine mist that targets and seals split ends.

The Best Natural Styling Products shouldn’t leave Hair with any Build-Up

We believe that build-up isn’t an inevitable side-effect of styling products. There’s a reason you won’t find ingredients such as silicone in natural styling products. Often found in serums, silicones give an instant fix of shine. However, by coating, the hair and they can cause build-up and dryness.

We prefer to get our shine on naturally! We formulate our styling range with natural ingredients that penetrate and smooth the cuticle. So they don’t leave any residue on the hair. If you want to know more about some of the best natural hair care ingredients we’ve compiled a list below:

  • Pro-vitamin B5 targets hair damage reduces split ends and adds shine
  • Keratin targets damaged hair for a smooth finish
  • Argan Oil rich in natural tocopherols, carotenes and essential fatty acids to nourish hair
  • Tocopherol(vitamin E), a superior conditioning agent for hair
  • Lemon Zest for super-shiny hair
  • Oat extract for hydration, strength and volume
  • Honey for smoothness and shine and detangling
  • Sugar beet increases the water retention capacity of hair fibres for strength, shine and softness
  • Tamarind helps to protect the scalp and moisturise the hair

Styling Products should be Invisible.

Your hair is the star of the show, not the styling product. The job of the styling product is to enhance your hair, not be there for everyone to see. Styling products should work hard to give you the control to style hair. They should leave hair with natural movement and a natural shine rather than fixed in place with an unnatural sheen! The job of a hair styling product is to enhance the hair, giving it a finish that looks and feels natural. Opting for styling products with natural ingredients will help you achieve this. They have the added benefit of nourishing your hair at the same time.

Choose the right Styling Products for your Hair Type

This may sound obvious but whether you are looking for the best natural hairspray for fine hair or the best leave-in conditioner for dry or damaged hair, its not always easy to work out which styling product is best for your hair. So we share our tips on what to look for.

Best styling products for Fine Hair
  • Avoid heavy oils and serums. Opt for styling mists and products that are lightweight. Build-up is a big no-no for fine hair, leaving it flat and oily.
  • Choose volume-boosting styling products that give body to the hair
  • The best way of getting body into fine hair is to give it moisture. Styling products which incorporate ingredients such as Pro Vitamin b5 or Tocopherol (vitamin e) are a good option for fine hair.
  • Fine hair is prone to detangling so look out for natural products with ingredients such as honey that detangle the hair

Salon Know-How: For more tips on styling fine hair, take a look at our blog How to Look after Fine Hair

Best styling products for Colour-Treated Hair
  • Avoid styling products that are drying. Once hair is colour-treated, it becomes drier. Products that contain ingredients such as alcohol denat and silicone exacerbate dryness.
  • Enhance hair colour and retain it for longer by keeping it hydrated. Choose a shampoo and conditioner for colour-treated hair and use a moisturising styling product or leave-in conditioner.
  • Look out for styling products that contain conditioning ingredients such as Tocopherol (vitamin e)to nourish and smooth the hair.
  • If you are using heated styling tools, choose a product with heat protection to reduce damage to the hair.

We Recommend: Ogario London Styling Mist for Glossy Finish is both a styling product and leave-in conditioner. Containing Tocopherol, Pro-Vitamin b5 and Argan Oil it supports healthy hair and offers heat protection as you style.

Best styling products for Dry or Damaged Hair

If your hair is dry or damaged it time to get a good routine of cleansing, conditioning. Treat hair with a good quality deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week. Heated styling tools will make your hair dry and if hair is damaged, weaken it further. You don’t have to give them up but here’s what you can do to reduce the impact.

  • Choose a cool setting on the hairdryer
  • Air dry hair once a week. Combine this with a natural hair mask for dry or damaged hair.
  • Use a styling product with heat protection.
  • Choose a styling product that reduces drying time so that hair is exposed to heat for a shorter time.
  • Choose a styling product that also works as a leave-in conditioner.
  • Look for products with repairing ingredients such as Keratin and Argan Oil.

We Recommend: Ogario London Styling Mist for Natural Hold and a Glossy Finish with Sugar Beet. Sugar Beet increases the water retention capacity of hair fibres. Use it as a leave in conditioner and styling product combined.  It makes hair stronger, shinier and softer. 

Want to know more about natural styling products?

Ogario London is a salon developed, natural hair care range. As a niche brand, we are passionate about our products and delivering the best results is at the heart of what we do.  If you have any questions about our products or would like advice on the best products for your hair type, please get in touch at


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