Valentine’s Hair Style Inspiration: Add Volume

There’s no better time to show off your shiniest hair than on Valentine’s Day.

Whatever your style, laid-back or dressed up, your hair should help you feel good.

We love this look from the Agnes B catwalk. With a laid-back retro feel, it’s the perfect mix of polished glamour and style. 

Simple to create, this look is all about a super-sleek finish whilst, at the same time, getting plenty of volume on the ends.

How to Create this Hair Style with Volume at the ends

After washing, give your hair a treat with moisturising deep conditioner Restore and Shine Hair Masque.

Tempted to skip the hair masque? 

Well-conditioned hair is hydrated hair, and when the hair has plenty of moisture, it’s easier to style and naturally has more volume.

Apply Styling Mist to your Hair

This hair style should be glossy. So once the hair is towel dried, give it two to three spritzes of the Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume. This Styling Mist  is up there with the best styling products for fine hair. Not only will this volumizer give you a volume boost, the moisture boosting ingredients will leave your hair super-shiny.

Add Volume to your Hair with your Hands

Once you spritzed, turn your head upside down and blow-dry. Use your hands to push out the hair and create a volume at the ends and mid-lengths of the hair.

Be careful not to over-dry, and then use your brush or comb to create a parting.

Want more volume underneath? Just use your hands to push out the hair.

You don’t want this look to be too finished.

Top Styling Tip

Mist your hairbrush lightly with a volumizer for fine hair and run through the top of the hair for a smoother finish on dry hair.


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Beauty Bible Recommends Ogario London Hair Masque Hair Treatment

Restore and Shine Hair Masque was awarded best hair mask in the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Awards. As an independent hair care brand, we are incredibly proud to be recognised alongside some of the industry’s biggest haircare brands. Because I spend time ensuring that our products deliver the best results, I couldn’t be happier to get this review and win this prestigious award.

Here’s what Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey had to say,

“Beauty Bible fell in love with this mask when we discovered it at a Cosmetic Executive Women product demo evening. The brand comes from a London hair salon, and the mask is a huge boon for hair – packed with avocado, olive oil, aloe vera, nettle and horsetail, together with sage (which is rich in vitamins A, C and E). Just a sniff of this rich, unctuous deep conditioner perks you up. Use for gleaming shiny, healthy hair.”

Moisturising Hair Mask

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