Salon Know-How: Looking after Colour-Treated Hair

Whether you’ve had colour-treated hair for more years than you can remember or you are about to embark on the exciting world of vibrant colour, its never too soon or too late to think about protecting your investment.

Thinking about your colour-treated hair as an investment is a great place to start. You’ve spent time and money on your hair and we understand that you want it to look as good as possible for as long as possible.

Take good care of your hair and the colour treatment can last longer, look more vibrant and your hair can look healthier too! Here’s what you need to know…

Prepare for your colour appointment with at-home conditioning.

Know-How: The best way of achieving long-lasting colour results is by having a great foundation to start with. By getting hair in the best shape possible, it can hold onto colour pigments more effectively and stand up to winter’s drying conditions.

How-To: Apply a treatment hair mask once a week for three weeks prior to your colour appointment. This will help to repair any damage, infuse the hair shaft with moisture and help seal the cuticle down. The smoother the cuticle, the more hair colour pigment can cling on and stay put.

Top Tip: Use shampoos and conditioners with high levels of hydrating ingredients before your appointment to give hair the best chance of absorbing the colour.

Try a vegetable colour instead of a permanent colour

Know-How: Consider opting for a vegetable colour which gives a rich boost but through a gentler formulation. They can last two to three weeks and up to a month depending on how often you wash your hair.

How-To: Book a consultation with your colour technician to discuss colour options.

Top Tip: Colder weather means we use heat appliances more but too much heat will lead to moisture loss. Limit the damage by blow-drying with a good round brush to achieve a polished finish more quickly.

Mission to Condition

Know-how: Once you’ve left the salon, swinging your freshly coloured tresses, you’re on a mission to condition because aftercare is essential for maintaining colour. As well as using a weekly hair mask before colouring, use one regularly afterwards to keep hair hydrated so it holds on to colour for longer.

How-To: Choose a shampoo with moisture-rich, hydrating ingredients so it cares for colour at the same time as cleansing. Our Hydrate and Shine Shampoo is ideal for dry and colour-treated hair thanks to Moringa Seed and Honey, some of nature’s best moisturisers.

Top Tip: Avoid washing hair in really hot water (even when it’s cold outside!) as it dries it out. Turn the dial to a tepid temperature for healthier hair.

Now you’re ready to put some colour in your life!

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