Hair Shine: Shiny Hair for Valentine’s Day

Let your hair shine this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re planning a romantic rendezvous or a cosy night in, we’ve put our heads together at Ogario London HQ to come up with some fun ways to love your hair this Valentine’s Day. Because, well, we just heart hair…

Let Hair Shine…

Dress it Up

Add a touch of glamour to your hair with some beautiful accessories. From Alice bands to hair clips, pins and scrunchies, hair accessories are big news right now. They are a great way to get create a new look, hold a style in place or add a bit of sparkle to an outfit. We love this gorgeous gold flower accessory. Not only does it add instant glamour to an otherwise simple outfit, but also holds the hair in place to give that side parting maximum impact.

Ogario London Valentine's Hair Tips
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Get Hands-on

Treat yourself to a head massage. There’s nothing quite so relaxing as a head massage and it’s a great way to take some time out, take a deep breath and slow down. Plus it’s good for your hair. Massaging the head helps to stimulate the circulation. Hair follicles love good circulation and as it feeds nutrients to the roots, helping you to grow your healthiest hair. Sort of like giving your hair the best start in life! 🙂

Go Big or go Home

Forget the straighteners and go for a big bouncy blow dry. Whether you are creating the look at home or going to the salon for a treat, nothing says romance like fabulous retro waves. If you are doing your own bouncy blow dry, don’t forget to take a look at our blog on how to do a big bouncy blow dry, for expert styling tips with our volumizer for fine hair.

Bouncy blow dry with round brush


Home-hair Spa

Spend some time on your locks. Not only are the essential oil blends in our shampoos and hair conditioners carefully selected to help nourish and condition the hair and scalp, but they also create uplifting aromas in your bathroom. So, giving your hair a little bit of TLC can result in better hair shine and here’s how:

Follow our top 3 tips for maximising shine when you shampoo and condition your hair.

  1. Rinse to maximise hair shine. Make sure you give your hair a proper rinse after washing. When product residue is left in the hair it can attract dirt and reduce hair shine.
  2. Turn the heat down. Warm water is best for washing and rinsing hair. Heat is drying and one of the main culprits for shine reduction!
  3. Always condition the hair after shampooing. Tempted to skip conditioner? Think again. Here’s why. The most important thing that conditioner does, aside from adding moisture to dry hair, is smooth the cuticle. A smooth cuticle means a smooth surface, which means that light bounces off the hair so you can show off the maximum shine.

Cosy up in a Stylish Hat

From beanies to berets, hats are a great way of looking after your hair in the winter months, whilst looking super-stylish. The winter months can leave hair feeling dry so think of a hat as protecting your lovely locks from the worst that winter weather has to offer. Snow? No problem. Wind? Do your worst. Rain? A hat will help you fight the frizz and more…



Restore and Shine Hair Masque

Our award winning deep conditioner is best for gorgeous locks. If you’ve yet to discover Restore and Shine Hair Masque, it’s our best product for hair shine. You can leave this hair mask on for just 10 minutes but we encourage you to enjoy the moment. It smells divine, so it’s a shame not spend a little more time on your hair. Make it part of your Valentine’s prep and apply the masque, put your feet up and let this award-winning hair mask work its magic while you watch your favourite romantic film. It’s the perfect way to get you in the Valentine’s mood. Plus, with all that love, your hair will look and feel fabulous!

Looking for Hair Shine all the time? Show your Hair some Love Every Day…

Much as we love the romance of Valentine’ (and we do!) Shiny hair is a labour of love. By getting into a good hair care routine, you can have that looks shiny and healthy every day. We are big fans of keeping it simple when it comes to hair. So we recommend thinking about the points at which you can make the biggest difference in how your hair looks and feels.

We believe there are 3 crucial points when caring for hair that you can make the biggest impact on hair shine.

    1. After ShampooingAs mentioned previously, conditioners are not just about adding moisture to dry hair. They smooth the hair cuticle too. If you want your hair to shine, always follow shampoo with cuticle-smoothing conditioner. Light will bounce off those smooth locks for maximum shine.
    2. Before StylingPrevention is the key here. By adding moisture to the hair with leave in conditioner you can reduce the damage of heated appliances. Heat is one of the biggest causes of styling damage and loss of shine.
    3. Deep ConditionGive hair a cuticle-smoothing boost with a natural moisturising deep conditioning treatment. For maximum hair shine, treat hair once a week every week.

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Beauty Bible Recommends Ogario London Hair Masque Hair Treatment

Restore and Shine Hair Masque was awarded best hair mask in the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Awards. As an independent hair care brand, we are incredibly proud to be recognised alongside some of the industry’s biggest haircare brands. Because I spend time ensuring that our products deliver the best results, I couldn’t be happier to get this review and win this prestigious award.

Here’s what Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey had to say,

“Beauty Bible fell in love with this mask when we discovered it at a Cosmetic Executive Women product demo evening. The brand comes from a London hair salon, and the mask is a huge boon for hair – packed with avocado, olive oil, aloe vera, nettle and horsetail, together with sage (which is rich in vitamins A, C and E). Just a sniff of this rich, unctuous deep conditioner perks you up. Use for gleaming shiny, healthy hair.”

Moisturising Hair Mask


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