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Give your Hair the Best Foundation with Ogario London Hair Products

I’ve developed haircare products to deliver moisture to the hair. When your hair has moisture it shines. I have over 35 years experience in the salon business and spent 4 years developing the range in my London salon.

I believe that for your hair to look it’s best it’s essential to get the right foundation. Use my deep conditioner, Restore and Shine Hair Masque once a week, every week to give your hair the very best foundation.

Norris Ogario, Founder

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Feel the Difference

Our plant-based haircare formulas deliver moisture directly to the core of the hair. When hair is hydrated at the core it’s easier to style, shinier and stronger. With continued use, you will see and feel the difference.

By reaching the core our natural formulas don’t sit on the hair. That means absolutely zero build-up. Use again and again for improved hair condition.



We Love to Innovate

Our multi-tasking styling products are the latest addition to our range. Not only are these products great for shiny hair they also condition hair as you style. Plus they seal split ends and give control to deliver a finish that you will love

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Less is More

Achieve better results with less product. Our concentrated formulas pack a big punch. We don’t stint on quality so a small amount is all you need. Always work our shampoos and conditioners up in your palms before you apply to the hair. This helps to warm up the product so it can be spread evenly.

Restore and Shine Hair Masque without lid

Get the Right Foundation with our Haircare

We believe that great looking, shiny hair comes from healthy foundations. That’s why we select ingredients such as Pro-vitamin B5, Sage Leaf and Avocado. These are just some of the building blocks at the heart of our haircare formulas.


Moisture from Within

Pro-vitamin B5 is the cornerstone of our formulations. We use it in our shampoos, conditioners, hair masque and styling products. So whether you are cleansing, conditioning or styling Pro-vitamin B5 is working hard to penetrate the hair with moisture.

Improved Hair Shine and Strength

By plumping out the cuticle with moisture, Pro-vitamin B5 softens the hair and reduces split ends whilst increasing shine and strength. Hair becomes fuller, more elastic and easier to style.

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Hair Condition Gets Better and Better

When you first use our exclusive range, you’ll notice the difference in the texture of your hair immediately. But what you will love is that, with continued use, the condition gets better and better.

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Award Winning

Loved by beauty journalists and industry insiders, here’s a selection of some of the awards our natural hair care range has won.

Restore and Shine Hair Masque

“This product is brilliant even on first use it made a difference to my hair which now feels soft and much less dry on the ends. Will keep using as love the smell too.”

Justine, Ogario London Customer

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