Argan oil has been used for hair and skin for centuries. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and anti-oxidants argan oil is a hair treatment that delivers softer, shinier hair.  If you are looking for conditioner, heat protection, shiny hair or a product that will nourish the scalp, argan read more

Sugar Beet is a favourite ingredient in our mission to banish dry hair. As a key ingredient in our Styling Mist for Natural Hold and a Glossy Finish, it gives hair a massive moisture boost. We believe that hair needs to be hydrated in order to be healthy and shiny. In read more

If you are battling the February blues and dreaming of warmer times, we at Ogario London HQ heartily sympathise. We thought we’d perk ourselves up by putting together a list of cheering pick-me-ups inspired by the hair care ingredients in our award-winning Revive and Shine range. Here goes! A warming read more