Argan Oil for hair has been a hair treatment for centuries. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants, argan oil is a hair treatment with proven results. In my experience of developing hair product formulations, argan oil delivers softer, shinier hair.  Argan oil conditions hair. It offers styling protection read more

If you’ve searched Avocado Hair Mask, chances are your hair is feeling parched. Maybe your hair needs a deep conditioner. I’ve been working with hair for over 35 years, and I can tell you that avocados are a popular choice for hair masks, and with good reason. In this blog, I’ll be read more

Smooth, Shiny Hair with Pro Vitamin B5 If you are searching out Pro Vitamin B5 you’ve probably heard that it’s a great ingredient for your hair. In this blog, I’ll be sharing the benefits of Pro Vitamin B5 for your hair. I LOVE this hair care ingredient. Ever wondered how read more