A couple of weeks ago, we shared our thoughts on summer styling for curly hair.  We talked about the importance of hydration and if you are serious about beating the frizz, the need to maintain moisture. Often, the job of curly hair products is to constrain the hair with heavy ingredients read more

Here at Ogario London, we believe in a holistic approach to achieving our mission of shiny, healthy hair. When it comes to healthy hair we believe in 3 things: It all Starts with the Scalp It’s funny, the scalp is probably one of the most sensitive areas of skin, its got an read more

For those of us with dry hair, the answer is simple – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The causes of dry hair are varied and they are unique to the individual. Hair may be dry naturally, for example, curly hair has a tendency to be dry. Colour treatments and heated styling can read more