Turn up the Volume with our Summer Hair How-to

Summer hairstyles are all about texture and movement. So here are our tips for adding volume and making waves without getting hot under the hairdryer.

Step 1 Choose Right for your Hair Type

Wash and condition your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Ogario London Revive and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner are good for all hair types, particularly if your hair is fine and you want to get volume in the hair.  If your hair is dry or damaged, go for Ogario London Hydrate and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step 2 Spritz for Volume

Squeeze the excess water out of your hair with a towel. Hair should be damp but not dripping wet. Spritz two to three pumps of Ogario London Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume to get volume in the hair. Focus on the ends and mid-lengths of the hair. Leave for a few seconds and comb through the hair.

Step 3 Go Velcro

Comb your parting into place and use a round brush to blow-dry the hair. It’s important not to over-dry the hair and it shouldn’t be completely dry. Whilst the hair is still warm put in some Velcro rollers at the ends and mid-lengths. For bigger waves, go for fatter rollers.

Step 4 The Big Finish

Gently remove the Velcro rollers after 10 to 15 minutes when the hair has cooled. Once you’ve removed the rollers use your hands to push your waves into place, being careful not to overwork the hair. When working with hair your hands are the best tools you have. Just remember to maintain a light touch to keep the definition you have created with the Velcro rollers.

About Us

Ogario London is a salon developed, natural hair care range. As a niche brand, we are passionate about our products and delivering the best results is at the heart of what we do. If you have any questions about our products, would like advice on the best products for your hair type, or have another question about how to look after your hair, please get in touch at info@ogariolondon.com

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