Summer Styling for Curly Hair

Summer styling for curly hair – we have one thing to say, ‘Let it loose!’

Yes, that’s right, forget about tying it back this summer. Summer styling for curly hair means absolutely no restraints necessary. This is your time to shine.

What about the Frizz?

We believe that curly hair and frizz do not have to go hand in hand. Hair that is frizzy is crying out for moisture. So the answer is to keep hair well-hydrated. We know that can be easier said than done. With over 30 years in hairdressing, we’ve worked with many curls and we believe that with the right approach, your curls can be your crowning glory.  So if you want to show off your gorgeous curls this summer, here’s what we suggest…

Learn to Love Your Curls

This is an absolute essential. If you find yourself longing for straight hair, its time to think again. There is so much to love about curly hair. It has a natural body and bounce. Ask your straight-haired friends what they would most love to change about their hair – body and volume is probably the answer. You can get away without spending hours underneath the hairdryer. And if you go for it, curly hair worn with attitude is a style statement. It truly can be your best accessory.

Get the Right Foundation

So you’re committed to your curls, what’s next? The first thing is to choose the right products for your hair. Curly hair needs products that deliver moisture. Check your ingredients. Shampoos and conditioners with high levels of emollients work well with curly hair. Look out for pro-vitamin B5, glycerin, olive leaf and wheat protein. Cetearyl alcohol is another great ingredient for curly hair. Don’t be fooled by the name. This alcohol is good for the hair. It’s a fatty alcohol with a white, waxy texture used in skin creams for its soothing properties. Basically, you are looking for products that feed the hair with moisture.

Own your Routine

In our years of looking after curly hair, we can’t stress this enough. You need to find the routine that works for you. Whether you wash your hair once a week, twice a week or even every other day, it’s really up to you. The trick is to see how your hair responds. So for example, if you are washing and conditioning your hair once a week but you find it is still dry, trying washing and conditioning more frequently. We can almost hear the sharp intake of breath! We know that there’s plenty of advice out there saying that washing often is bad for the hair. Well, we don’t agree. We believe that washing hair with harsh detergents is bad for the hair. Choose a gentle shampoo and a good hydrating conditioner and its not a problem. Hair is like the skin. If your skin was dry, would you moisturise it less? Probably not. Our advice – take notice of what your hair is telling you and adapt your routine accordingly.

Shape Up!

Get the right cut for curly hair and you will never want to tie it up again. Find a hairdresser who loves curls and make sure you have a consultation before going for the chop. A consultation is a great way of understanding the approach your stylist will take. Don’t be afraid to cut curly hair, straggly ends will cramp your style!

Keep up the Moisture

The hair masque is our go-to product to pack moisture into the hair.  It touches the parts that conditioners don’t reach. If you have curly hair this is an absolute must. Masques are designed to leave hair nourished, soft and shiny. We cannot stress enough how important it is to get into the habit of using a masque once a week on curly hair. If you think you don’t have time, think again. Its the key to banishing the frizz. Still, don’t think you have time? Check out our blog No Time for a Hair Mask? And by the way, if your hair is excessively dry you can use a masque twice a week, particularly during the summer months and then revert back to once a week, once your hair is feeling more hydrated.


Don’t forget to maintain hydration in between washes. Mix a small amount of conditioner or hair masque with a little water and feed into your curls for a quick refresh!

So, are you with us? Release those curls for summer!

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Summer Styling for Curly Hair

summer styling for curly hairsummer styling for curly hairSummer styling for curly hairsummer styling for curly hair

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