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We have a passion for healthy hair. When we developed our styling products our number one priority was that they had to enhance hair. That's why they do more than just style the hair. Our hair styling products contain Argan oil for hair repair and Keratin. These two hair-loving ingredients are delivered to the hair in a super-fine mist that targets and seals split ends. This multitasking styling range also gives control and hold to the hair, detangles, reduces static and speeds up drying time.

We believe that styling should be an integral part of how we care for our hair. The products we use to style hair should build on the good foundations of shampoo and conditioner. So what do we mean by good foundations? Our ethos is that in order for hair to be healthy and shiny, it's important to focus on two things. We need to take good care of the scalp and keep the hair hydrated.

If the scalp is in good condition then it has the best chance of growing hair that is healthier and stronger. If hair is hydrated, it's easier to style, more manageable, less frizzy, shinier. Not only does it look healthier, but hydrated hair also has a better texture.

So if you've ever thrown your hands up in the air in frustration at your hair. If you've ever felt that you can't do anything with it. Or if you leave the salon with perfectly coiffed hair but think you can never achieve that at home, now's the time to start thinking about how your products can help you achieve the hair you've always wanted.

Hair Styling: Get the Right Foundations

When it comes to hair styling and hair styling products there are a few things that we think are important. First off, hair must be well prepped. Shampoo and conditioner should leave your hair clean, residue-free and hydrated. Get that right and your hair will be easier to work with and easier to style.

Next up, we believe in light-touch. Our hair styling products have a pump that creates a super-fine mist. It spreads evenly on the hair, making application easy. Plus it means that you can easily avoid overloading one part of the hair.  

We think application is essential to getting the right results from your styling products. If you've ever tried to apply Argan Oil directly to the hair it can be difficult to get an even spread. Its also easy to overload the hair, leaving it feeling heavy. The mist application gets rid of this problem, giving a light, even spread on your hair.

We recommend spraying the mist directly above the head and letting it fall onto your hair. If you want to target a specific area to create control, volume or hold at the sides, for example, then you can just spray the mist directly on that area of the hair.

No More Build-up

We believe that build-up isn't an inevitable side-effect of styling products. By penetrating the hair our natural formulas don't sit on the hair so you won't leave a residue. Because the range contains Argan Oil and Keratin you'll find our styling products improve the condition and texture of hair with continued use.

We Believe that Styling Products should be Invisible.

They should give you control to style but hair shouldn't look fixed in place with an unnatural sheen. The job of a hair styling product is to enhance the hair, giving it a finish that looks and feels natural. 

Keratin and Argan Oil to seal Split Ends

Our styling mists are unique in that the Argan Oil and Keratin come in a little bubble called  MicroKera. MicroKera is a tiny Keratin capsule (derived from wool) containing Argan Oil. This unique capsule rebuilds the hair structure naturally. It makes hair easier to style as the capsules slowly feed the hair with Argan Oil, sealing split ends.

When you brush or comb your hair the capsules are reactivated. The capsules naturally go where they are needed most, targeting damage in the hair.

Less is More

As with all our products our styling range is concentrated. We believe in delivering better results with less product. Our mantra is 'less is more' so two to three pumps should be plenty more most hair. If your hair is a little longer, you may need a little more. But our advice is to start with less product than you think you might need. Usually around half of what you would use with a conventional product. If you need a little more, then add some more as you go.

Speeds up Drying Time

Because our styling mists speed up drying time, they have the added benefit of reducing heat damage because you can use your hairdryer for a shorter time. This is a great way of being kinder to your hair and scalp. That's because a reduction in the length of time you are drying your hair reduces the amount of heat your hair and scalp have to endure. Plus you get some extra time in the mornings. 

We have two types of Styling Mists in our Hair Styling range.

Ogario London Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume does what it says on the bottle. It gives hair volume and hold but, at the same time, it leaves hair with plenty of natural movement and shine. Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume was the winner of Best Hair Product in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017.

Our Styling Mist for Natural Hold and a Glossy Finish contains Sugar Beet. Sugar Beet actually increases the water retention capacity of hair fibres. As a leave in conditioner, it makes hair stronger, shinier and softer. So if you are looking for a super-glossy finish that still leaves your hair with movement, you will love this product. As with all our products, it contains Pro-Vitamin B5 getting moisture right into the core of the hair, making it easier to style.

Here's how to work with our Styling Mists...

We developed this Styling Range for use on damp hair. This means you can simply spray the mist on towel-dried hair. Hair should be wet but not dripping. Then you just go ahead and style as normal. But you know what? We like to experiment. If you want to use the mists on dry hair, in between washes, go for it. Experiment and see what works for you.

Smelling of Roses

Our perfumer worked with us to create a light, fresh scent for our styling range. A beautiful blend of Rose and Geranium holds in the hair. Keeping it smelling fresh all day long.

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