Style Guide: 5 Ways to Wear a Ponytail

Spring is here, next stop summer! This time of year always puts us in mind of easy-yet-stylish hairdos.  It doesn’t get any easier than the ponytail. But don’t think the humble pony is limited to one style; we love to get creative and here we suggest 5 ways to chic up your pony.

1. The Knotted Pony

Tie your hair in a ponytail with a thin hairband, then take part of the length of the pony and wrap it around the hairband to hide it, securing in place with a Kirby grip underneath.

2. The High Pony

The simple act of lifting your pony away from the nape of your neck towards the middle of your head can give a more playful, dressed up look.

3. The Plaited Pony

You’ve tied your pony; now plait it! For a modern and easy style, finish the plait halfway down the pony and tie in place.

4. The Twisted Pony

Before you tie your pony with a hairband, split the length in two and twist together.

5. The Side Pony

Tie your ponytail at the side of your head to create a more sophisticated look in an instant.

For the model, we used a combination of option 1 and 5. You can see the hair is wrapped around the hairband for a more dressed up look and we’ve opted for the side pony. We’ve kept it relaxed with plenty of volume at the ends for a softer daytime look.

Whichever way you wear your pony, have fun creating it and wearing it. Happy Styling!

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