Salon Know-How: The Denman Hairbrush

The Denman hairbrush has a long and illustrious history in the story of contemporary hairdressing. It was the hairbrush of choice for Vidal Sassoon when he created his most iconic hairstyles. Think clothes designer Mary Quant’s sleek bob, model Grace Coddington’s sharp five-point cut and actress Mia Farrow’s pixie cut.

Denman Hair Brush

The wonderful thing about the Denman hairbrush is its versatility.  You can use it to create the sleek finish of Sassoon’s classic bob or movement and body in any part of the hair.

We share 3 Denman styling techniques that you can try at home.

Prep the Hair

Start by prepping the hair. Shampoo, condition, soak up excess water with a towel. If you are using a styling product apply to the hair now and rough dry using a hairdryer.

For a Sleek Finish

Brush hair in a downward movement, holding the brush flat to your head. Keeping the brush flat in this way will help the hair cuticle lie flat. Any movement of the brush away from the head will lift the cuticle so if you want silky and sleek, keep it flat! The Denman brush is ideal for fine hair, as it effortlessly glides through the hair, smoothing as it goes.

Create Movement

Use the Deman as a roller. Take any section of the hair, place the brush into the hair where you want movement. Turn or twist the brush at an angle. Once the brush is in position, give the hair a quick blast of heat and leave to cool, brush still in place. You can give the hair a blast of cold air if you prefer but letting it cool will have the same effect. Once hair is cool, release the brush and use your fingers to position the hair.

Back Brush

The Denman is ideal for light back-brushing as it won’t matt the hair. Gently back-brush the hair close to the roots and underneath. This should be a gentle movement and ideally, you should stay around half an inch away from the roots, ensuring you don’t put too much tension on the hair.


The Denman brush comes in different sizes and weights. Smaller brushes will help you create gentle movement, whilst larger brushes can help you create bigger volume and waves. This is an essential tool for your hairstyling kitbag and we encourage you to experiment and, of course, practice makes perfect!

Happy Styling!

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