Weekly Treatment to Hydrate Hair

Treat your hair to a mask every week and you will seriously improve the condition of your hair. Not convinced that your hair needs a weekly treatment? Read on…

Hair is alive at the follicle but once it leaves the follicle it is dead. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t hydrate hair.

The Cuticle

Each strand of hair has a cuticle made of keratin and is wrapped around the cortex. The cuticle sits on the cortex protecting it like tiles protecting a roof.

The cuticle, a protective layer, naturally breaks and lifts over time. It can be lifted by sunlight and oxygen but also colour-treatments or heated styling.

The Cortex

The cortex is protein and holds water at the centre of the follicle. If the protective cuticles lift the cortex loses moisture. The result? Hair loses its natural shine, becomes dry and difficult to style and can split or break.

When you think of everything we do to our hair; brushing, combing, styling, even simple things like pulling it back into a ponytail, you can start to see how those things might lift the cuticle and start to make the hair dry.

Hydrate Hair with a Good Hair Mask

Combatting this dryness is what a hair mask is all about. A good hair mask should do two things. Smooth the cuticle and get moisture into the cortex. In our Restore and Shine Hair Masque, we use Sage and Lavender alongside Glycerin, Avocado, Olive Leaf Extract and Vitamin E to smooth the cuticle.  We use pro-vitamin B5 to give the cortex a much-needed injection of moisture. The beauty of Pro-Vitamin B5? It has molecules that are small enough to penetrate the cuticle and reach the cortex.

By targeting the inner and outer layers of the hair, the hair builds a reserve of moisture and we see the condition of the hair improve with continued, regular use

Regular, weekly treatments will improve hair condition and you’ll find your moisturised hair easier to work with, shinier and with more body.

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