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Frizzy hair is a sure sign that hair is lacking moisture. There's a school of thought that it’s better to wash dry hair less frequently, as the natural oils will build up and nourish your hair. Our experience tells us something different. We find clients who only wash their hair once a week often have the driest hair. ​​​​​​​We believe that the way to fight the frizz is with hydration. We recommend washing hair with a gentle, hydrating shampoo two to three times a week followed by a hydrating conditioner. Regular washing and conditioning is the first step to de-frizzing your hair and a weekly masque will help pack extra moisture into the hair. Fighting the frizz is not a one-off event; build a routine and stick to it. You’ll find that over time your hair will become more hydrated and you can adapt your routine to suit your hair as it changes.