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We believe that a conditioner is an essential part of ensuring hair is healthy, shiny and more manageable. When we set about developing our natural conditioners we'd been in the salon business for many years and worked with many different brands.

We know that conditioner can present a challenge for some hair types. Conditioners have to be nourishing enough to give moisture to the hair. When hair is moisturised, it is healthier, shiny and easier to style and manage. But that's not enough. Conditioners shouldn't be heavy on the hair. They shouldn't weigh the hair down. In fact, they should do the opposite. Conditioners should give the hair body. We use Soy Protein in our conditioners to do just that. The Soy Protein gives hair volume and body, making it easier to work with and style.

Our starting point when developing our conditioners was to think about what we wanted to achieve and work backwards. We found that a lot of the conditioners that were heavy on the hair contained silicones. Silicones are often used in products to give hair a slippery feel. They give the hair the feel of being moisturised by coating the hair. But by coating the hair they make it heavy. This is problematic for fine hair types who may have experience of conditioners making hair flat. But that's not the only problem. Because silicones coat the hair, it becomes very difficult for moisturising ingredients to penetrate the cuticle and get moisture to the core of the hair. The result? Hair starts to feel drier over time.

So when we set out on our journey to develop our conditioners, we knew what we didn't want and we had a list of things that we wanted our natural conditioners to achieve. We wanted the hair to look and feel healthy. Free from frizz and easy to detangle. Hair had to be shiny and full. It had to be easier and quicker to style with no static or fly-aways. Our conditioners had to be nourishing, yet lightweight and easy to rinse.

With all of these requirements, it came back to one thing. Hair had to be moisturised. Not just appear to be moisturised. It had to be moisturised to the core. To achieve that we use Pro-vitamin B5 in our conditioners. Pro-vitamin B5 is small enough to penetrate the outer layer of the hair and get to the core. By hydrating the hair from within, our conditioners reduce frizz, detangle and leave hair with body, making it easier to style. And did we mention the shine? When hair has moisture it shines.

Our natural conditioners contain other ingredients that moisturise the hair and make it shiny. We love emollients – ingredients that soften and smooth and help it retain water. We've blended the following ingredients with Pro-Vitamin B5 to create formulas that really deliver.

Ceteryl Alcohol – don’t be fooled by the name. This fatty alcohol will do nothing but good for your hair. It’s a white, creamy ingredient and its used in many skin products for its ability to moisturise.

Avocado – a powerhouse ingredient containing vitamins A, D and E to restore health and shine and natural fats that are good for the hair and scalp

Glycerin – attracts moisture to the hair while preventing water loss

Tocopherol – otherwise known as vitamin E is another favourite in quality skin care lotions and we use it in our conditioners to soothe and moisturise the hair.

So, how do you feel about conditioners? Do you dread heavy-weight conditioners that make your hair flop or do you see conditioning as an essential part of your hair care routine?

Often the answer to that question is based on hair type. We’ve seen quite a few heads of hair in our time and, in our experience, getting the right conditioner for your hair type is essential.

What’s your Type?

We don’t just mean is it thick or fine, curly or straight? It’s important to think about what you are doing to your hair. Are you colour-treating? Using heated styling tools? Playing lots of sport? Swimming? Or living in an urban environment. All of these factors can have an impact on the texture of your hair. Knowing your type will help you choose the right conditioner for hair that's easier to style.

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair it can be tempting to skip the conditioner but you may find that the ends of your hair become dry. Revive and Shine Conditioner is lightweight. Fine hair can be prone to tangles. Revive and Shine Conditioner is great for detangling and giving the hair body and volume. You will love how full your hair feels after using it. Just concentrate on the ends and mid-lengths. Just use a small amount and you'll find it rinses easily from the hair.

Fine Hair with Colour Treatment

If you have fine hair that’s colour-treated there are two things to consider. First, we understand that conditioning fine hair can be a frustrating experience. The last thing you want to do is use a conditioner that is too heavy. So choosing a conditioner for colour-treated hair may not always be the right choice. However, if the hair has a colour-treatment it does still need moisture. No question. Colour-treatments are drying for the hair and the key to maintaining the colour is to keep hair well-hydrated.

The answer? A lightweight conditioner like Revive and Shine can still give moisture to the hair when its colour-treated. But if you feel like your hair needs more moisture you can use Hydrate and Shine Conditioner or you can give hair a boost with our Restore and Shine Hair Masque. Restore and Shine Hair Masque is specifically designed to repair hair from damage caused by environmental factors such as colour-treatments. Use it once a week and it will help to maintain colour. Whether you use the Hydrate and Shine Conditioner or the hair mask you just need a small amount and you should focus on the ends and mid-lengths.

Washing Every Day

If you are active and playing sports regularly or simply feel that your hair needs to be washed every day it's a good idea to make sure your hair is always conditioned after washing. Whilst our shampoos are very gentle on the hair and scalp, frequent use of the hairdryer can leave hair feeling a little dry. Using either Revive and Shine Conditioner or Hydrate and Shine Conditioner after shampooing can help to keep your hair moisturised and combat the damage from styling. If you are using the hairdryer a lot, we recommend putting it on to a cool setting and always make sure you don't over-dry the hair. Most of us have a tendency to over-dry the hair. Our tip, time how long it takes you to dry your hair. Every day reduce your drying time by 30 seconds or even 1 minute and see how your hair responds. 

Dry Hair

If your hair is curly, coarse, colour-treated, damaged from heated styling or just naturally dry, Hydrate and Shine Conditioner is the right choice. It's more nourishing than the Revive and Shine Conditioner but it also rinses beautifully from the hair leaving no residue. All our products rinse easily from the hair so if you ever find this is not the case, simply use less product. Because our products are concentrated you really don't need much.

If you are frustrated with dry hair, we recommend some simple steps that you can take to improve the condition.

  • Condition every time you wash your hair. Never skip. If your conditioner is not working for you try our best conditioner for dry hair, Hydrate and Shine.
  • Always squeeze the water out of your hair before you apply conditioner. We always get so much push-back on this one but its the easiest thing in the world to do. Take a small hair towel into the shower and give your hair a quick squeeze. No time? It takes seconds.
  • Make sure you rub the conditioner in your hands before you apply to the ends and mid-lengths. This warms up the product and helps you to spread it evenly on the hair.
  • Hair masque once a week. An intensive conditioner will help replenish your hair. Do this once a week, every week and you will be amazed at how much the condition improves and how much easier your hair is to style and manage. Think you don’t have time? Think again! Check out our blog for ideas on how to make time for your weekly hair masque
  • Give your hair a break. Try air-drying your hair at least once a week.
  • Turn down the heat on the hair dryer. Rough drying can be done with a cooler temperature.
  • Keep the use of straighteners to an absolute minimum. Avoid over-brushing as this can split the ends.
  • Reduce drying time (as above).
Colour-Treated Hair

Hydrate and Shine Conditioner is developed specifically to take care of hair that is dry or colour-treated. Hair that has been colour-treated can be prone to dryness. Using a conditioner that has been designed to re-hydrate the hair will help retain the colour for longer and leave your hair looking and feeling healthier.

As a salon developed brand we understand treatments such as colour or heated styling can dry the hair. Our view is simple. Put moisture back into your hair to replenish and maintain the condition. Choose products that will nourish and give your hair moisture. We think looking after hair is a serious business but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Treat hair like your skin and you won’t go far wrong. Cleansing and moisturising skin is part of a daily routine for most of us. Would you consider skipping the moisturiser after you’ve cleansed your skin? Probably not. It’s the same for hair.  A regular routine of washing and conditioning is the foundation for achieving the hair that looks healthy and shiny.

Tangled Hair

If you are frustrated with tangles we can help. Hair tangling happens when the outer layer of your becomes damaged. This outer layer, the cuticle is protective and its structured like tiles on a roof. Over time it naturally breaks and lifts. When this happens the cuticles snag and this can cause tangles and knots.

This lifting of the cuticles can be caused by a number of factors: colour treatments, heated styling, dry conditions such as the sun or central heating or even pollution. Sometimes hair is just naturally dry and needs extra moisture. This is where a good conditioner comes in. The main job of a conditioner is to hydrate hair by getting moisture into the central part of the hair, the cortex. When hair has this depth of moisture it shines.

When hair is moisturised, the tiles of the cuticle sit flat and hair becomes smooth, leaving hair without knots and tangles. Conditioning every time you wash your hair will help keep it hydrated and tangle free. Choosing the right conditioner for your hair type is essential. 

Give it some Time

Leave your conditioner on for a couple of minutes so that it has some extra time to feed in all that nourishment and moisture. If you have fine hair, you might be worried about leaving conditioner on for too long. Nobody wants flat locks. No problem, simply avoid conditioners with silicones that leave a residue on the hair and weigh it down. Our lightweight Revive and Shine Conditioner won't leave any residue on the hair. In fact, it's developed to plump out the cuticle with moisture. Why? Because moisturised hair has more body.

Squeeze don't Rub

When drying your hair, our best advice is to treat it like a cashmere sweater. Be gentle. Use a towel to gently squeeze the water out of the hair. Rubbing too vigorously can rough up the cuticles and cause breakage. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when its wet so being gentle at this stage makes a difference. Once you've squeezed the water out of your hair, simply wrap it in a towel until you ready to style. Hair should still be damp but not soaking wet before start styling.


After you've washed your hair and its ready for styling, this is a great opportunity to build on the good work of your conditioner. Choose a styling product with alcohol denat or silicones and they can be drying for the hair. It's best to opt for a styling product that's going to nourish the hair and build on the moisture. If you are blow-drying your hair or using any kind of heated styling you'll need to think about how you can combat the dryness and damage from the heat. Remember, your aim is to keep the core of the hair moisturised and the cuticle needs to be flat for a smooth, shiny finish. We use Pro-Vitamin B5 in our styling range. Its the perfect ingredient for getting moisture into the hair.

Wide Tooth Comb

If you are combing wet hair, we recommend a wide tooth comb. It's much gentler on wet hair. The most important thing when combing your hair is not to pull at the roots. For shorter hair, this is easier to achieve and you can gently comb without putting too much pressure on the roots. For longer hair, we recommend holding your hair at the mid-lengths and combing the ends. You can then gently work up to the roots. 

Sleeping Beauty

The problem with cotton pillowcases is that the texture is too rough for the hair. If you find your hair is matted in the mornings, consider changing your pillowcase. Choosing one with a slippery texture such as silk or satin can make a big difference to the hair. They reduce friction and can limit the breakage. 

If you have longer hair, you can consider plaiting your hair before you go to bed. This will reduce the amount of movement and by keeping the hair in one place there will be less friction and less damage to the hair.

Curly Hair

Often, the job of curly hair products is to constrain the hair with heavy ingredients that flatten and smooth, rather than encourage the bounce and body that comes naturally with curls. We take a different approach.

We believe that the way to combat frizz is to hydrate the hair from within. Think about it in terms of giving your hair a drink of water. Except, the water, in this case, is pro-vitamin B5. Pro-vitamin B5 is one of the few ingredients that can penetrate the hair cuticle with moisture. It helps the hair retain moisture and, by penetrating the cuticle, opens the door for other moisturising ingredients to do their job. We think of this level of moisture as the foundation for curly hair.

Get this right and there’s no need to spend time smoothing and pulling your curls, whilst layering on serums and oils.

We recommend leaving conditioner in the hair for at least a couple of minutes if you can. Plenty of time for your hair to soak up all those nourishing ingredients. If you feel like your hair just eats up conditioner, it’s probably dry. Choose our best conditioner for dry hair, Hydrate and Shine Conditioner and build a regular routine of cleansing and conditioning. You will find your hair builds moisture and needs less product over time.

Would you like advice about which of our conditioners is best for you? Get in touch using the contact form below.