I believe that a hair treatment is the best way to get your hair in fabulous condition. I’m talking about hair that looks and feels healthy and shiny with minimal effort. Building a hair treatment into your weekly hair care routine adds moisture to your hair and smooths the cuticle read more

If you’ve searched Avocado Hair Mask, chances are your hair is feeling parched. Maybe your hair needs a deep conditioner. I’ve been working with hair for over 35 years, and I can tell you that avocados are a popular choice for hair masks, and with good reason. In this blog, I’ll be read more

How to Improve Scalp Health Naturally Seven Tips to Take Care of Scalp Health Naturally How to Take Care of your Scalp for Hair Growth Create your own Scalp Care Routine Improving your scalp health is an excellent way to achieve better quality hair growth. I’ve been working with hair read more