​​​​​We believe that if you care for the scalp with gentle cleansing ingredients and hydrate hair with the best conditioning ingredients, you can improve strength, shine and manageability. 

Great Looking Hair comes from Healthy Foundations

That’s why we select ingredients such as Pro-vitamin B5, Olive Leaf and Argan Oil. These are just some of the building blocks at the heart of our natural formulas.

Moisture from Within

Pro-vitamin B5 is the cornerstone of our formulations. We use it in our shampoos, conditioners, hair masque and styling products. So whether you are cleansing, conditioning or styling Pro-vitamin B5 is working hard to penetrate the hair with moisture. 

Improved Manageability

By plumping out the cuticle with moisture, Pro-vitamin B5 softens the hair and reduces split ends whilst increasing shine and strength. Hair becomes fuller, more elastic and easier to style.

It gets Better and Better

When you first use Ogario London hair products you'll notice the difference in the texture of hair immediately. But what you and your clients will love is that, with regular use, the condition will continue to improve.

Natural Active Ingredients to Target Specific Hair Needs

From English garden favourites Sage and Lavender, to herbal teas Rooibos, Nettle and Hibiscus as well as superfoods Baobab and Moringa. 

Gentle on the Hair and Scalp

Targeted ingredients are combined with Pro-vitamin B5, Glycerin and Carageenen (seaweed) in our shampoos to gently cleanse and restore moisture.

Hydrate to Detangle and Smooth

We blend Pro-vitamin B5, Glycerin, Avocado and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) with targeted, active ingredients in our conditioners to leave hair full and glossy. 

Weekly Hair Treatment

We believe that the best thing you can do for your hair is to give it a deep conditioning treatment once a week. 

Find out more about our foundation ingredients here:

Pro-vitamin b5 to target hair damage, reduce split ends and add shine 
Silk protein to boost the elasticity and resilience of hair 
Glycerin, an ingredient normally found in conditioners and used across the entire Ogario London range to attract moisture while preventing water loss 
Carageenen (seaweed), a naturally powerful conditioning agent for hair 
Wheat protein for extra moisture 
Avocado, a powerhouse ingredient containing vitamins A, D and E to restore health and shine and natural fats that are good for the hair and scalp 
Tocopherol (vitamin E), a superior conditioning agent for hair 
Cetearyl Alcohol, a fatty alcohol which is another great conditioning ingredient 
Soy protein to leave hair full and glossy
Olive leaf to moisturise and soften
Keratin to target damaged hair for a smooth finish
Argan Oil rich in natural tochopherols, carotenes and essential fatty acids to nourish hair

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