Beat the February Blues: Hair Care Ingredients to Inspire You!

If you are battling the February blues and dreaming of warmer times, we at Ogario London HQ heartily sympathise.

We thought we’d perk ourselves up by putting together a list of cheering pick-me-ups inspired by the hair care ingredients in our award-winning Revive and Shine range. Here goes!

A warming cup of hibiscus tea to soothe body and soul

Avocado on toast, bursting with nutrients to help fend off the winter chills

A slice of lemon drizzle cake; pure indulgence

A ginger body scrub to wake up winter skin

Energy-boosting juices pepped up with lemon, lime and ginger

Our favourite Bergamot and Palmarosa Lucy Annabella Aromatic Candle to calm the mind and stimulate the senses

A juicy orange to up our vitamin C

Relaxing in a warm bath with elemi bath oil to rejuvenate the skin

Sunshine…well, we can dream can’t we?

What are the pick-me-ups that you swear by to beat the winter blues?

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