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At Ogario London we make products to leave hair shiny. Our shampoos, conditioners, hair mask and styling products are developed to deliver moisture to the hair. When hair is moisturised it shines.

Salon Developed

We have over 35 years experience in the salon business and we spent 4 years developing the range in our London salon. Using them every day we refined the products to deliver salon professional results.

Hair's The Difference

Our formulas deliver moisture directly to the core of the hair. When hair is hydrated at the core it's easier to style, shinier and stronger.

With continued use, you will see and feel the difference.

Zero Build-Up

By reaching the core our natural formulas don't sit on the hair. That means absolutely zero build-up. Use again and again for improved hair condition.

We Love to Innovate

Our multi-tasking styling products are the latest addition to our range. Not only are these products great for shiny hair they also condition hair as you style. Plus they seal split ends and give control to deliver a finish that you will love.

Less is More

Achieve better results with less product. Our concentrated formulas pack a big punch. We don't stint on quality so a small amount is all you need. Always work our shampoos and conditioners up in your palms before you apply to the hair. This helps to warm up the product so it can be spread evenly.

Best Hair Mask

Voted Best Hair Mask in the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, in a category containing some of the hair industry's biggest brands, we prove that you don't have to be the biggest to be the best.

Luxurious Aromas

We believe that there's more to washing hair than washing hair. Why not make it a joyful experience? Essential oils give our hair products a spa-like quality. Breath in the fresh, luxurious aromas as you wash your hair and leave it super shiny.

Improve the Condition of Hair

We believe that if you care for the scalp with gentle cleansing ingredients and hydrate hair with the best conditioning ingredients, you can improve strength, shine and manageability. 

Healthy Foundations

We believe that great looking, shiny hair comes from healthy foundations. That’s why we select ingredients such as Pro-vitamin B5, Olive Leaf and Avocado. These are just some of the building blocks at the heart of our product formulas.

Moisture from Within

Pro-vitamin B5 is the cornerstone of our formulations. We use it in our shampoos, conditioners, hair masque and styling products. So whether you are cleansing, conditioning or styling Pro-vitamin B5 is working hard to penetrate the hair with moisture. 

Improved Manageability

By plumping out the cuticle with moisture, Pro-vitamin B5 softens the hair and reduces split ends whilst increasing shine and strength. Hair becomes fuller, more elastic and easier to style.

It Gets Better and Better

When you first use the Ogario London hair range you'll notice the difference in the texture of hair immediately. But what you will love is that, with regular use, the condition will continue to improve.

Made in the UK

We develop and make our products in the UK. We are proud to be a home-grown British brand.

We are against Animal Testing

Our products are made in the UK where it is illegal to test on animals and we do not export our products to any countries where animal testing is a requirement. In the UK and across the rest of the EU, testing cosmetic products or their ingredients on animals is banned. This means that it is illegal to sell or market a cosmetic product if animal testing has taken place on the finished cosmetic or its ingredients before being sold in the EU.

Green nettle leaf on white background

Natural Actives

We chose powerful natural active ingredients and blend them to target specific hair needs.

We source our ingredients from a wide variety of nature, from English garden elements sage and lavender, to herbal teas of rooibos, nettle and hibiscus to superfoods baobab and moringa. Want to know more about the active ingredients that we use in each of our ranges? You can find out more below. 

Revive and Shine Range

This multi-award-winning range is all about giving the hair a boost. This range is perfect for everyday use and you will love how clean your hair feels after washing. We developed this for all hair types. With its fresh, zesty aroma it will put a spring in your step and your hair in the mornings! It leaves hair feeling full of body making it a great choice for anyone with fine hair. It's gentle too. So if you have a sensitive scalp this shampoo is for you.

Targeted Active Ingredients

Revive and Shine Shampoo
  • Rooibos helps repairs damage from pollution
  • Nettle contains silica, a very important component of healthy hair, with soothing anti-inflammatory properties
  • Baobab gives hair body and volume
Revive and Shine Conditioner
  • Hibiscus for lightweight conditioning
  • Horsetail contains mineral silica to support hair growth and conditioning
Hydrate and Shine Range

Our Hydrate and Shine Shampoo was voted best shampoo in the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Awards and we couldn't be prouder. This range has been developed for dry and colour-treated hair. Gentle on colour, it moisturises the hair as you wash. Aside from the incredible aromas one of the things people love about our products is the texture. Hydrate and Shine Shampoo does not disappoint. It has a rich, creamy lather.  As for the conditioner, Hydrate and Shine nourishes dry locks as a good moisturiser should. However, as with all our products, it delivers moisture to the hair without any residue. 

Targeted Active Ingredients

Hydrate and Shine Shampoo
  • Honey detangles hair and leaves it supple and shiny
  • Moringa Seed helps combats damage from pollution while hydrating the hair and scalp
Hydrate and Shine Conditioner
  • Tamarind hydrates and smooths the hair
  • Marshmallow softens and smooths for a glossy finish
Restore and Shine Hair Masque

If you are looking for a something to leave your hair shiny, this is your go-to product. No wonder it won Best Hair Masque in the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible. As Josephine Fairley put it, "it packs a mega-shine-boosting punch." Use it once a week for hair that's not just shinier, it's easier to style and manage.

Targeted Active Ingredients
  • Lavender repairs hair damage,
  • Sage softens and smooths for lasting shine
Styling Range

We believe that styling products should enhance hair. No drying ingredients here. Just formulas that help to improve the condition of hair as you style. Containing MicroKera, the unique combination of Keratin and Argan Oil in our styling products repairs split ends and gives a super-smooth finish.

Styling Mist for Natural Hold and Volume

Targeted Active Ingredients
  • Lemon Zest significantly increases hair shine
  • Oats provides hair with hydration and strength
  • Honey prevents static charging of the hair to improve manageability while making the hair smooth, shiny and voluminous
Styling Mist for Natural Hold and a Glossy Finish

Targeted Active Ingredients
  • Sugar beet increases the water retention capacity of hair fibres to improve strength, shine and softness
  • Tamarind helps to protect the scalp and moisturise the hair
  • Honey prevents static charging of the hair to improve manageability while making the hair smooth, shiny and voluminous

female with blonde short hair with head bent to show crown

What's Your Hair Type?

We believe that whatever your hair type, the same principles apply.

When the scalp is clean and free of build-up it creates the best environment for healthy hair growth. Hair needs regular moisture to maintain health, shine and manageability.

Treat Your Hair Like Your Skin

Keratin is the primary structural material of hair and the outer layer of the skin. Taking care of your skin means regular cleansing and moisture and its the same for the hair and scalp. Choosing a gentle shampoo that cleanses and restores moisture to the scalp is a good place to start.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

We think you know best. As a general guideline 2 to 3 times a week is fine but if you want to wash your hair every day, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. The most important thing is to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. After that, you make the rules as nobody knows your hair better than you.

If you would like specific advice about your own hair care routine or you want to know more about our range, please get in touch using the contact form below.