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Summer hair - it's time to get serious

Summer hair - it's time to get serious

Summer is here and it's time to get serious about getting your hair into shape. Use it once a week and the Ogario London Restore and Shine Hair Masque will be your hair's best friend this summer.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your hair masque.

Always squeeze excess water out of your hair before application. Hair should be damp but not dripping wet.

Less is more - the Ogario London Restore and Shine Hair Masque is concentrated. A good rule of thumb is to apply around half of what you would use with other masks.

Work the product up in your palms before your apply it. That way the product is easier to spread in the hair and you won't end up with a concentration of product in one place.

If your hair is thick and coarse you can apply from root to tip, otherwise just concentrate on mid-lengths and ends.

Leave on for longer if you can. Ten minutes is enough to give your hair a boost but if you leave on for a few hours you will notice an even bigger difference. The secret is to leave it on for longer, not to use more product.

Rinse well. When you take the masque off, there is no need to shampoo. Just rinse, dry and style as normal.

For maximum benefits, build a weekly routine for your hair masque treatment. While you sit back and enjoy the uplifting aromas of lemon, lime and may chang essential oils, your hair gets the boost it needs for super-shiny summer locks.

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Published on May 14th 2017
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